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Lewis Hamilton’s 2010 McLaren Up for Grabs

When it comes to motorsports, not many can brag about the popularity of Formula 1. Considered one of the toughest competitions to excel in, both when it comes to drivers and engineers, F1 attracts more than 400 million fans – viewers and in-person attendees – from all over the world. Without a doubt, it is among the speediest and most exciting competitions today.

Lewis Hamilton is one of the few Formula 1 drivers to rise to international stardom. He rose to fame after joining the McLaren F1 team in 2007, starting strong with a podium finish and a title.

In 2010, McLaren and Mercedes parted ways – and the former introduced its first home-grown engine in quite some time. The McLaren MP4-25A was introduced in the 2010 season, sparking some controversy due to its innovative 2010 F-duct aerodynamic device (that was later banned), and helping Hamilton get a shot at the title (that he ultimately missed). The MP4-25A was shelved at the end of the season, replaced by a newer engine and chassis – but it seems to have been put away well enough to spark the interest of collectors. At least this is what the fact that it will go on auction later this year indicates.

Hamilton: A Success Story

Lewis Hamilton’s life story is interwoven with a passion for racing. He got his first race car – a radio-controlled toy – at the age of five, and his first go-kart a year later. He began karting seriously in 1993, at the age of 8, and also began winning races, so much so that he became the youngest driver to win a cadet championship in Britain – at the age of 10. He climbed all the steps of the ladder from karting to Formula Renault, Formula 3, GP2 Series, then F1. Today, he has seven F1 World Champion titles under his belt and, according to Betway, he is the absolute favorite to win the 2021 F1 Drivers Championship (and Mercedes is the absolute favourite to win the Constructors Championship this year).

Under the gavel

The race car that helped Hamilton win three F1 grand prices in 2010 and brought him close to the title will now be sold at an auction organized by RM Sotheby’s, the auction house specializing in high-value cars. The car will do a presentation run ahead of the Formula 1 Pirelli British Grand Prix 2021 Sprint Qualifying Race at the Silverstone Racetrack on the 17th of July. The auction house promised that spectators and bidders will have the chance to see the car drive around the Silverstone circuit at speeds in excess of 150MPH.

Given the scarcity of the model and the big name attached to it, Sotheby’s expects for the car to sell for at least $5 million.

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