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Inside The 3rd Annual Playmakers Party Lights Up The SAHARA In Las Vegas

Written by Josh Weissman

Thursday, February 8
AZILO Ultra Lounge and Pool, SAHARA Las Vegas
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The 3rd annual Playmakers Party took place on February 8, 2024, at the AZILO Ultra Lounge and Pool within the newly renovated SAHARA Las Vegas. This glamorous event, hosted in collaboration with FHM Magazine and Babes in Toyland, aimed to support the commendable Hounds & Heroes charity. The evening featured electrifying beats spun by DJ Shift and DJ Stephi K.


FHM Magazine marked its return to Super Bowl week after a six-year hiatus, joining forces with hundreds of models and influencers from the Babes in Toyland event series. Distinguished guests from the entertainment and sports realms graced the occasion, including UFC legend Chuck Liddell, former NFL MVP Adrian Peterson, Hall of Famers Jerry Rice, Marcus Allen, Rod Woodson and Warren Moon, Freddie Mitchell, Pauly Shore, Annie Agar, Outkick’s Chad Withrow and Jonathan Hutton, WWE superstar Mojo Rawley, Cowboys legend Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Josh Booty, NASCAR legend Kurt Busch, and Food Network celebrity chefs Robert Irvine and Todd English, alongside Obba Babatunde from the CBS show S.W.A.T.


The event featured a silent auction with proceeds benefiting the outstanding Hounds & Heroes charity. Notably, a live camel added to the festivities, delighting guests throughout the night. Attendees could also strike a pose in the FHM photo booth, simulating their magazine cover moment. Libations flowed generously, courtesy of DeLeon Tequila and Gin & Juice by Dre and Snoop. The Playmakers Party received sponsorship from Steve Bernheim, XReal, and Stillknocks Meat Co.

Hosted at the glitzy SAHARA Las Vegas hotel, beneath the shimmering lights of the AZILO Ultra Lounge and Pool, a glamorous event for a very special cause unfolded on the evening of February 8, 2024. It was the 3rd annual Playmakers Party, a collaborative effort between FHM magazine and the prestigious Babes in Toyland event series, as produced by Steve Fowler Events. From the first moments guests arrived at the SAHARA lobby, a palpable aura of elegance and excitement was felt as they eagerly waited to get the Playmakers Party kicked off. Upon exiting the vibrant lure of the SAHARA casino behind them, and entering through the Pool’s gold-gilded doors, guests were greeted by a new form of seduction. With the AZILO’s expanse of tranquil, teal waters stretched out before them, the pool’s serene scene was further lit by a dazzling array of colors that created an otherworldly glow. Accompanying this, a perfectly curated selection of music enveloped and energized the sensual visual scene and mirrored the events’ tasteful, yet tantalizing allure.

While such entertainment and intrigue were abundant, and surprises could be found around every corner (including a live, yes, live, camel), certainly, the guests’ immediate comforts did not go unaddressed. Warm blankets and gloves were offered, allowing guests to fully enjoy every aspect of this lavish indoor-outdoor event, regardless of the crisp winter weather inherent to this desert city of sin. As the cool colors and hues continued to sparkle and dance across the pool area, guests could then find themselves welcomed by a warm, crystalline glow, as they entered the intimate atmosphere of the VIP bar and lounge. Here, the decor of the AZILO Ultra Lounge provided the perfect backdrop for the Playmaker’s Party–with exotic-inspired patterns and prints, touches of gold and metallic details, and a mixture of nouveau-riche opulence alongside the sleek sexiness of modern features. Further reflecting the elegance of the event and its attendees, the bars’ shiny surfaces and radiant light seemed to shimmer and extend all the way up to the ceiling. There, large, modern chandeliers in a circular formation hung beautifully poised, providing additional ambiance and illumination for the evening’s festivities. With a variety of decadent drinks, top-shelf liquors, and fine wines provided, guests could indulge and enjoy a well-crafted cocktail, while conversing with one another and embracing the swanky vibe of this lively and spirited setting. “The energy and atmosphere at the Playmakers Party made remarkable additions to the all-new SAHARA Las Vegas and the entire destination’s entertainment scene during Big Game Weekend,” said Paul Hobson, general manager, SAHARA Las Vegas. “Thanks to this successful collaboration with FHM, Babes in Toyland and the Hounds & Heroes organization, we welcomed dozens of celebrity guests, including UFC legend Chuck Liddell and former Hall of Famers Jerry Rice, Marcus Allen, Rod Woodson and Warren Moon.”

Just beyond the large, circular bar that defined the central aspect of this space, a semi-raised area housed private tables, overlooking the comings and goings of those gathered within the VIP bar and lounge area. With a guest list of celebrities, influencers, and people of interest across a variety of industries, certainly, there was no shortage of visual intrigue. As more and more guests arrived, every form of fine and fashionable attire could be observed. The party’s eclectic and elegant attendees brought the party to life with a stylistic range that included formal gowns to sexy evening wear, and suits and ties to trendy sports wear. Further, from professional athletes to entertainers of every sort, the evenings’ potential for cross-industry mingling and star-studded sightings provided an added layer of excitement and fun. Before the event, FHM sat down with Babes in Toyland producer, Steve Fowler, who shared his thoughts on the Super Bowl party landscape. He noted that Fox Sports’ correspondent Jay Glazer had a lockdown on Wednesday night and every big company was doing parties on Friday and Saturday. “There was an opportunity to take over Thursday night,” Fowler explained. Now, following this year’s Playmakers Party, Fowler was able to remark on this with confidence: “In our third year hosting the Playmakers Party, I believe we’ve firmly established ourselves as the ultimate late-night destination on Thursday of Super Bowl week.”

Photo: Chad Salvador Photography

Among the distinguished guests were luminaries from the realms of entertainment and sports. UFC legend Chuck Liddell mingled with former NFL MVP Adrian Peterson, alongside Hall of Famers like Jerry Rice, Marcus Allen, Rod Woodson, and Warren Moon. Notable personalities such as Pauly Shore, WWE superstar Dean “Mojo” Muhtadi, NFL correspondent Annie Agar, and Food Network celebrity chefs Robert Irvine and Todd English added to the allure of the evening. “The Playmakers Party was a one-of-a-kind Super Bowl event that separated itself from the pack!” said Dean “Mojo” Muhtadi. “Where else can you get camels, VR, and shenanigans all under the same roof! It is a must-attend event that should be added annually to everyone’s Super Bowl week itineraries! Can’t wait for the next one in New Orleans!” said Muhtadi, now co-founder of Paragon Talent Group. But beyond the glitz and glamor, the Playmakers Party had a noble cause at its core. The event supported the commendable Hounds & Heroes charity, with proceeds from a silent auction benefiting the organization. Amidst the revelry, as noted by Muhtadi, a live camel added an unexpected touch of whimsy, delighting guests and adding to the surreal atmosphere. “Thrilled to host the Playmakers Party again this year,” said Bonnie-Jill Laflin, founder of Hounds & Heroes. “Steve always puts on a fantastic entertaining event. Spending time with my NFL family while raising money for my charity, Hounds and Heroes, is a win-win, but meeting Moses, the camel, was my favorite part of the night.”

Steve Fowler and Chuck Lidell
Photo: Chad Salvador Photography

As the night progressed, the venue pulsed with energy, throbbing to the electrifying beats of DJ Shift and DJ Stephi K. Attendees seized the opportunity to capture their moment of fame in the FHM photo booth, simulating a magazine cover shoot. Libations flowed generously throughout the night, courtesy of DeLeon Tequila and Gin & Juice by Dre and Snoop. Sponsors like Steve Bernheim, XReal, and Stillknocks Meat Co. also lent their support, ensuring the success of the evening’s festivities. Overall, the atmosphere was enchanting, drawing in a crowd radiating sophistication and style. Page Six later lauded the event, likening it to the legendary parties held at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion. Over the past sixteen years, the Babes in Toyland event series has etched a distinctive place for itself in the social calendar. It’s not just a party – it’s a celebration of community spirit, making a difference, and transforming the act of partying into an opportunity for philanthropy. This platform has seen over 1000 models and influencers supporting various causes, thereby promoting a culture of giving back, all while in the throes of a fabulous party.

In February 2022, the inaugural Playmakers Party by ‘Babes in Toyland’ took place, with Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Davis serving as the host. The event also included a special DJ set led by Lil Jon, a lively performance by the Los Angeles Rams’ Cheerleaders, and a noteworthy partnership with the NFL Alumni Association of Southern California. During Super Bowl week 2023, the second annual ‘Playmakers Party’ in Scottsdale was hosted by Terrell Davis and NFL Agent Leigh Steinberg with a special performance by iconic DJ Paul Oakenfold. As described by Kindly Myers, a frequent host at Babes in Toyland events, and FHM Cover Model herself, the Playmakers Party has continued to be a noteworthy event. “Babes in Toyland events are always my favorite to attend,” Myers stated. “There is a different vibe to the Playmakers Party. The excitement of the game and the opportunity to meet some of your favorite athletes and celebrities makes this a very fun party to go to. There are not a lot of events where you see this many influential people together excited about the game but also supporting a good cause.” Under the glittering stars and echoing music, the 3rd annual Playmakers Party emerged as a celebration of both glamor and generosity, leaving an indelible mark on all who were fortunate enough to partake. Sara Blake Cheek, one of this year’s party hosts and FHM Cover Model, said, “Playmakers is glamorous and fun at the same time. The party is exquisite, the people are beautiful and Steve Fowler’s attention to detail for making it an unforgettable experience is unmatched.”

The future is bright for the Playmakers brand. “We’ve established ourselves as the premier destination for Thursday night during Super Bowl weekend,” Fowler stated. “With upcoming events in New Orleans and San Francisco, followed by our return to Los Angeles, we’re committed to elevating our parties’ experience. Notable past events include hosting David Ortiz’s Hall of Fame celebration during the MLB All-Star Game in LA and having Todd Gurley headline our College Football Championship Party when Georgia clinched the title. We’re aiming to expand to other cities for similar events and are planning an exciting affair during ESPY week in Los Angeles this year.” Bringing together beautiful people within a decadent setting and with a good cause, the Playmakers Party was definitely a night to remember – and one to mark on the calendar as a “must-attend” event for next year’s Super Bowl pregame activities.

Photo: Chad Salvador Photography