It's a Guy Thing

Travel with a Carry-on

Traveling is fun and no matter where you’re headed there is a new experience waiting to be had. But sometimes traveling light isn’t as easy and as a guy, it’s not always fun to lug around huge bags across airport terminals or worse, risk them getting lost or stolen. Here, we unpack a few nifty ways to help you pack a lot less, helping you save time and money and making you more mobile and improving your overall enjoyment of your next trip…

First, to travel light with less, you’ll need to survive on less. Now it’s not as bad as it sounds. It simply means packing the essentials and making do with what you’ve got. The first thing to do is ditch the big bag. A smaller bag is sure to improve your “squeeze in” skills. Also avoid taking too much heavy stuff like boots, unnecessary gear, excessive toiletries, and accessories.

Your typical carry-on should include something like this; your ID and travel documents along with cash or credit cards, your phone, a charger, a toothbrush, some body wash in travel sizes and a good deodorant as well as clothes that are easy to match – think primary colors. Include two to three pairs of socks and enough clean underwear to last you.

Pack light garments like cotton tops, a single belt, a pair of shoes other than the ones you’re wearing, dark-colored pants and maybe a pair of slops and headphones if you’re planning on listening to your device on the go.

Another great idea is to compartmentalize your packing. Consider rolling up garments instead of folding them and making a place for everything and no matter where you’re headed, be sure to make the most of the experience.