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What to wear to a casino night out

A big casino night out can be a great way to have a lot of fun with friends. In lots of parts of the world, and multiple US states, you can go and visit a casino in person. It’s fun to get dressed up to go to a casino, and as it is often something you do for a special occasion, it can be a chance to get some new clothes or wear something that you usually wouldn’t.

If you are a VIP casino user, either online or in person, you may already know your way around, so you’ll have a good idea of the sort of things that people wear, but if it is your first time, you might be a little nervous.

Check the dress code

Although you might be tempted to just wear whatever feels comfortable, especially on a hot and sunny day, you need to pay attention to what you are actually allowed to wear if you want to get into the casino.

Not many casinos allow you to wear whatever you want, and you aren’t likely to get in if you wear casual clothing, even though the line is blurred on what counts as casual. For women, you probably shouldn’t wear strapless dresses, and definitely no sneakers. The same goes for men on the sneakers front, and you will need to wear something relatively smart. More relaxed casinos might allow you to wear a nice pair of chinos and a more casual shirt, rather than a formal one.

For women

Women have a lot of different options that can still look really classy. Don’t go for anything too tight or too loose. Try to think of the sort of things that you might wear if you were a guest at a wedding.

A black gown is one option, something that is floor length. You don’t have to go for something black, you could also opt for classy shades of green or red, for example, maroon. Always think about your accessories too.

Cocktail dresses are a fantastic option for those who want to wear something classy but semi formal. In slightly less posh places, you may also get away with classy, high waist pants and a blouse, or even high-waisted jeans, but check that these are allowed first.

This is a list of semi-formal outfits for women that will allow you to look through what other people wear.

Of course, for women, it is also worth considering accessories in some detail, as it is a chance to show off your costume jewelry in all its glory. If you have special occasion jewelry, you can always wear this if you are going to a casino.

You shouldn’t just be worrying about fitting in, or making sure you are the best-dressed, it is all about expressing yourself.

For men

There are fewer options in general for men, but there are still plenty of ways that you can express yourself with your attire.

A lot of men wear formal pants and a shirt, but there are some other options too, depending on how strict the casino is. While some will expect a full suit, other casinos will allow you a little more freedom to wear what you feel comfortable in, including jeans and chinos.

Okay, so you can be comfortable in a lot of casinos. Once you have checked the dress code, you will know what you are allowed to wear and you can choose your outfit based on this. However, this may be one of your only chances to dress like you’re James Bond.

If you own a full dinner suit, this might be your chance to get it out, get it dry cleaned, and wear it. It could be the one time this year that you’ll get the chance to, just make sure it still fits first.

Of course, you’ve also got the option to accessorize, and watches are definitely one of the best ways for you to show your style.

If you want to go for a more smart/casual look, a combination of a nice pair of jeans and a smart shirt can sometimes be the best option.


A casino night can be a brilliant way to coordinate with your friends and choose matching outfits, you don’t have to look like you’re someone out of a Tarantino movie in the 1990s, but you can certainly have some fun with your clothing.