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NFL players with the most social media followers

The NFL is hardly an exception to the global dominance of social media. Professional football players go to great lengths to promote themselves and their reputation as well as interact with their fan base.

NFL players used to rely on the media to inform fans with messages and news. Many of them are now active on their favorite platforms as they continue to look to build a fanbase and perhaps even a brand for life after football, especially as the NFL has been known to stand for “Not For Long”.

Here are the NFL players with the most social media followers.

Odell Backham Jr.

One of the most recognized and well-liked athletes in the NFL is Odell Beckham Jr, with about 16.2 million followers and an average engagement rate. Younger fans adore Odell Beckham Jr not because he has always been the best, nor because he has the awards or personal distinctions to advance him and not even due to the accomplishments of his team or his proximity to other famous players, but for the fact that he remains active and has a number of other interests, too.

OBJ’s most recent significant honor came from his debut year in 2015, when he won offensive rookie and play of the year. His presence on social media is consistent and he posts constantly, which is most likely the reason why he has the most followers among NFL players.

He is also said to have fallen under the category of some of the best NFL players. Fans get as far as being involved in NFL Player Props which are popular NFL betting markets that bettors continue to place on a player’s performance during a match. These bets can include aspects such as their stat totals, the number of games they will start or win, and their chances of winning the NFL MVP or Super Bowl MVP award.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the second most followed NFL player on social media, having about 12.4 million followers on Instagram with little engagement. Brady posts information to his social media accounts via a business called Shadow Lion; perhaps as he is Shadow Lion’s managing director.

Although it’s unlikely that you’ve heard of Shadow Lion, you may remember the promotional video that Brady released online before he inspired the New England Patriots to an incredible comeback against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI after falling behind 28-3. He has significant input into what is posted and uses his reputation to help further the exposure of the under-the-radar creative agency.

Cam Newton

While Cam Newton, the former two-time quarterback for the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots, is looking for a new team as a free agent, he remains very popular on social media because of how equally despised and adored he is; he has a follower count of about 4.8 million on Instagram. The divisive former MVP is well-known for both his on- and off-field antics.

He is frequently active on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. His YouTube channel, which comprises vlogs and has around 400,000 followers, gives viewers a look inside Newton’s life. In the past, he has done anything from talking about his diet and workouts to showcasing his Met Gala attire. ‘Super Cam’ has 1.1 million followers on Twitter, where he shares his own content and retweets tweets from people like Colin Kaepernick and Barack Obama.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, was chosen as the 2016 Most Valuable Athlete in America, according to a list produced by the new digital sports network 120 Sports and the social media platform MVPindex.

Russell has one of the funniest Instagram accounts. In order to go live and interact with his followers, Wilson makes use of one of Instagram’s most popular features. He recently had around 5.6 million followers on Instagram and numerous posts. According to estimates, Russell Wilson’s Instagram account gains +1,723 followers every day.

J.J Watt

J.J Watt, a defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals, is one of the most popular and admired players in the NFL. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year is well-known for his charitable work across the nation, which has perhaps helped him build a huge following across social media. He has raised over $41 million for impoverished children, and was given the Dungy-Thompson Humanitarian Award in 2019.

He is followed by about 4.3 million people on his Instagram account and, according to estimates, JJ Watt adds 1,211 new Instagram followers per day. He once, personally, informed his Instagram fans about his decision to depart the Houston Texans.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, five of the most-followed NFL stars on social media at the moment! Each of these individuals are stars on the field, so it probably does not come as a surprise to see them appear on this list, either.