It's a Guy Thing

The new pheromone perfume designed to give aphrodisiac effects

Liquid London’s viral #pheromoneperfumes – a hashtag with 400 million views, has been dubbed TikTok’s answer to being totally irresistible. Made to alter perceptions, these brand-new fragrances have been scientifically created to help you stand out from the crowd, attract attention, and make a lasting impression. 

So, does pheromone perfume work?

Pheromones are naturally occurring chemical compounds that we emit and can have subtle effects on human behaviour and attraction. Pheromone fragrances blend with your natural pheromones to boost your innate sex appeal and give you an irresistibly unique scent that nobody else can replicate.

Liquid London has launched three new pheromone fragrances – for him, for her, for everyone. The fragrances are made up of vegan and cruelty-free ingredient blends such as pepper, bergamot, rose, mint and sandalwood for Him; mango, bergamot, jasmine, olibanum, vanilla and sandalwood for Her and a fresh, light scent with notes such as juniper, lemon and vanilla for Everyone. However, the most unique and important ingredient of them all is YOU. 

Your natural pheromones mix with these scents to create a fragrance that is completely unique to you. This distinctive fragrance is the secret weapon that subconsciously draws people to you and ensures you never go unnoticed. 

The perfumes are available in 50ml bottles and retail for £49, with sample sizes coming soon. Free shipping is available to the UK, USA, and Europe on all orders over £40. 

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