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The Top 9 Must-Buy Tech Items!

Where does the time go? It’s already halfway through the year!. Well, no matter, like most techies we are super-excited to see what awesome gadgets are out there so we’ve put together the top nine must-have gadgets and tech you’ve just got to get your hands on, and we mean like right now!

DJI Osmo Action

Hey, what could be cooler than flying your very own high-tech drone, right? DJI is an industry leader that’s well-known for its amazing drone technology. And now, they have decided to take on the GoPro with their revolutionary Osmo Action. The action camera bests the GoPro’s impressive Hero 7 Black with a color LCD screen on the front, perfect for selfies and vlogging. That’s not all, other epic features of the Osmo include super-smooth in-body electronic stabilization and a lens design that supports neutral density (ND) filters for capturing better footage in bright situations. Plus it’s cheaper than its main competitor which is a real value-for-money proposition. So go on, get one, with all that power at your disposal you could be taking some awesome aerial footage in no time!

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Here’s another well-known brand that has become a virtual powerhouse in the competitive earphone market. Beats takes it one step further and has stepped up its game to take on the Apple juggernaut with its very own version of the tech giants AirPods. For those that might not already know, Beats is actually owned by Apple and now, this time round, Beats goes toe-to-toe with its owner’s own earbuds. Powered by the same Apple H1 chip as AirPods 2, the Powerbeats seamlessly connect to iOS devices and support faster audio switching between iOS and Mac devices. The wireless earbuds aren’t as compact as AirPods, but they do provide a better fit, superior sound, and a longer battery life. It’s a great alternative if the AirPods are not your cup of tea and we can see the brainpower behind this clever idea aimed at capitalizing the wireless earbud market. 

Oculus Quest

Although the VR market has grown cold over the last few years, Oculus has released what many might consider the best in the business, The Oculus Quest which is a truly fantastic VR headset. Quest isn’t a breakthrough for VR simply because it doesn’t require a beefy PC or smartphone or external sensors to track your head and hand movements. It’s a new milestone for VR because it’s actually a lot of fun to play with. The same can’t be said for pretty much all other VR headsets out there, so if you can, consider getting the Oculus Quest, you won’t regret it.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Bose debuted an audio gadget this year that combined two things you love dearly into one: cool sunglasses and wireless earbuds. If you throw a pair of these Bose Frames on during a sunny day spent outside, the frames themselves will play music, streamed from your phone via a Bluetooth connection, exclusively for your ears. The speakers are so good and directional that no one in your close vicinity will even know you’re listening to music. Also, we thought it might be cool to wear these and listen to some soothing music the morning after a big gig or night out.

LG Signature OLED TV R9

For many people out there, it’s tough to really differentiate between top tier TVs anymore. The quality has gotten so good and it only seems to be getting better. They all practically offer the same features that most people won’t know, use or even care about. And then LG decides to surprise us all with the unique Signature OLED TV R9, a TV that actually rolls up. That’s right, rolls. The screen itself can stretch to 65 inches and then roll back into a compact box. You’ll also get a 4K HDR Smart TV-watching experience like none before it, with Google Assistant and Alexa. That, plus a decluttered view when you don’t want a screen hogging your living space. Whatever will they think of next?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

What tech list would be complete without a mobile phone or two on it? The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ fits perfectly on this list of amazing tech and some would say it’s one of the top phones in the world with regards to features and functionality. It boasts an expansive, high-quality screen, professional-standard cameras and laptop-level storage all packed into a device not much bigger than a mobile phone. Available with either a 6.3 or 6.8-inch screen, the Note 10+ offers super-fast charging and extra-long battery life as well as speedy processors that make gaming, downloading and streaming quality even better than before. It’s one of the most powerful mobile phones on the market and a must-have for any Android power user.

Amazon Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 from Amazon offers an advanced step up from the previous handsfree Amazon Echo speaker. The updated version has all the features of the classic Echo such as the abilities to research information, make calls and play music but it now has a 5.5-inch screen for an added effect. This new technology means that users can now ask Alexa anything and be shown answers; follow step-by-step recipes, watch shows and tv or connect with family and friends via video calling. Added features include the ability to connect with and playback your home security camera footage, control lights and thermostats or simply display your favorite photos on the interface. Alexa is back and better than ever.

Apple iPhone 11

Many might question why the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max aren’t featured on this list and the answer is easy. Although the pro versions of Apple’s latest mobile phones are amazing in their own right, the price point will put a lot of people off. Apple’s iPhone 11 may look a lot like last year’s XR, but the company made some big changes, including a massive battery that lasts way longer, a camera that’s one of best on any smartphone, and an even more accelerated processor. If you’re looking to buy an iPhone this holiday season, this is the one to get. Just remember to insure it, you can’t be too careful when a costly device is at stake. 


Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 VII Digital Camera

For many, if not most people, the camera that comes with your smartphone might be more than enough for your Instagram updates and Facebook profile pictures. But for those looking to pack a bit more oomph in their compact photography, the Sony Cyber-Shot will deliver everything you’ll ever need, and more. It fits into a jacket pocket, yet it can shoot 4K video and capture images with a quality ratio that rivals that of a pro-grade DSLR camera. The camera’s impressive capabilities come courtesy of a larger 1-inch sensor, a cutting-edge image processor, and a versatile zoom lens. These features also earned the camera a gold award from Digital Photography Review. If you’re going to take some epic photos, you might as well use an epi camera.