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BrinxTV and Pro League Network Present The Fight of The Century: Car in a Bar, Ultimate Carjitsu with Randy Couture and Mark Coleman

Witness the epic clash of two Jujitsu masters inside a car, in a bar, in a house on April 27 at 7:30pm ET on Brinx.TV.

In what promises to be an unparalleled spectacle, BrinxTV and Pro League Network (PLN) are proud to announce “The Fight of The Century” – an electrifying showdown dubbed Car in a Bar, Ultimate Carjitsu. Scheduled to take place on April 27 at 7:30pm ET, this groundbreaking event will be broadcast exclusively on Brinx.TV.

Following the unprecedented success of last month’s Carjitsu event, which garnered over 30 million views, BrinxTV and PLN are raising the stakes even higher with this one-of-a-kind showdown. While the world eagerly anticipates the upcoming boxing match between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson in July, “The Fight of The Century” offers a fresh and innovative approach to combat sports.

Set to unfold inside a Nissan Altima, amidst the confines of a bar within a house, two formidable Jujitsu masters – CJay “Groundshark” Hunter and Kyron “Carshark” Bowen – will clash in a battle for supremacy. Guiding viewers through the action will be none other than MMA Hall of Famers Randy Couture and Mark Coleman, adding an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings.

John Brenkus, the visionary founder of BrinxTV and a six-time Emmy award-winning creator of “Sport Science,” sees Carjitsu: Car in a Bar as a pivotal moment for the burgeoning sport. “We have a perfect storm brewing,” Brenkus explains. “It’s Shark Week on Brinx.TV, with Groundshark and Carshark poised to engage in a thrilling showdown inside a car, all while MMA icons Couture and Coleman provide expert commentary. Brinx.TV offers viewers the unique opportunity to bid, buy, and bet with Brinx Bux, unlocking discounts, free merch, and other exciting prizes.”

Bill Yucatonis, CEO of PLN, echoes Brenkus’ enthusiasm, expressing confidence that “The Fight of The Century” will engage audiences worldwide. “Our last event captivated millions of viewers, and we fully expect this one to exceed even our wildest expectations,” Yucatonis remarks. “It’s an epic showdown that promises to redefine the boundaries of combat sports entertainment.”

Don’t miss out on this historic event – tune in to Brinx.TV on April 27 at 7:30pm ET to witness Car in a Bar: Ultimate Carjitsu and experience the thrill of “The Fight of The Century.”