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Thanks to modern dating apps we’ve said goodbye to the days of the typical meet-cute that led to a long and lustful relationship. Today, meeting someone new can be done with the flick of a wrist and in the convenience of your own home. Now, we have more options than ever before, and if you follow a few of our simple FHM guidelines you’ll be sure to score more! – and maybe even find the perfect girl to settle down with.


Remember, it takes only a few seconds to swipe left or right, we’ve all done it and it goes something like, “nah, nah, yah, oh she’s cute!” It’s very much the same for the opposite sex so be sure to choose a flattering picture. Not one with your abs out, or you surrounded by girls, or doing total douche moves like posing on a flashy car or something superficial like that. Think simple; preferably a good-looking mugshot that highlights your best feature. See how it pans out and change it up to see which profile picture works best.

SPEAKING OF PHOTOS; try to upload a few, 6 is a good number. Make sure they’re clear and communicate some of your personality traits, likes and interests, that way the ladies will kinda get an idea of who you are.


Bios are important. They don’t just say something about you but indicate that you’ve actually made the effort. The typical fad is to put witty, nonsensical things but what really works is something that’s short and sweet, but also a little meaningful. Think of answering questions that may already be coming, or leaving a sentence that’ll be easy for her to use as an ice-breaker in case she decides to make the first move.

HUMOR is good, women seem to be drawn to it so try and get some smart but meaningful lines in there.


It all starts with a “match”. Ironically, it can also end at just that. So what exactly should you say without seeming boring or insincere? Well it’s never easy conversing with a stranger considering most people actually discuss shared interests and experiences. But this part is simpler than you’d think. It all starts with and introduction, your name and where you’re from usually works extremely well. If she’s interested, she’ll get back to you and as you two get to know each other that’s when the chemistry will really come out. Just remember to be respectful and stay on soft topics.

GET PERSONAL; always wait for her to make the move to Whatsapp and once you’re there, make an actually move dude! People aren’t just looking to chat online indefinitely – at least, that’s what we heard.


Found a love interest? That’s awesome. Here’s where the real connection can begin. Remember, not all relationships are destined to last so just be as open and honest as possible and who knows, there might just be wedding bells ringing.

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