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The Secret Formula to The Ultimate Night In

Whether you’re going gourmet burger, classic Chinese or something different altogether, order with abandon! Image by

Okay, there’s nothing better than a raucous night out, but you can come surprisingly close with a really great night in, and you won’t have to deal with the hangover in the morning. Interested? A couple of years ago the ‘formula’ for the perfect Friday night circulated around the UK. It made for an interesting 5-minute lunch-break read, but it didn’t really get terribly specific. Apparently, a lot of Brits get really excited about turning the heating on and closing the curtains. Whilst it’s nice to be cozy and not have your nosey neighbours looking in, there’s far more to the formula than just that. Here’s how to actually plan the ultimate night in.

Instant Wind Down Entertainment

If we’re really honest, most of us would like to do one of three things when we get in from work: watch uninterrupted TV, eat a disgraceful amount of takeaway, or settle in for a night of video games. Of course, those who are really living life will opt for a little bit of everything!

If video games are high on the agenda, but you’re hankering for a snack, then there’s nothing better than a few spins on a slot machine. They’re quick, so you can enjoy a few rounds whilst you wait for that food to arrive, and they don’t require the level of concentration that an all-out Call of Duty mission does. If you’re new to online casinos then has a huge selection of slots that are super easy for beginners to pick up.

Order In or Get Creative

If you’ve got the luxury of time, then plan this ultimate night in properly. Get some snacks prepared the day before and you’ll thank yourself when you finish your online casino spree and are absolutely starving. We’ve already put together a selection of snacks that are cheap, relatively healthy and delicious, and that’ll keep you going until a takeaway arrives. So order whatever you fancy, (apparently, £32 is the sweet spot), but however much a whole crispy duck and mixed starter are going to cost sounds about right.

Of course, for those of us who don’t have the luxury of time, you’ve still got to get that delivery ordered, but now you’ve got the waiting game and nothing in the house to snack on. Thankfully there is one man alone who can help you through the hunger pangs and that’s Guy Fieri. Whether you love him or find he really grates, you can’t argue that this man scouts out some disgustingly good food. His show Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives explores some of the most outrageous food in America. Tune in for an episode or two and by the time your food arrives, you’ll definitely be ready for it.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

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About ten minutes before your food is due to arrive, get some beers in the freezer. If you’re organized enough to have them in the fridge already then congratulations; most of us, however, aren’t. Your lager wants to be super cold, real ales on the warmer side of the fridge spectrum and anything more adventurous than that needs its own instructions! Enjoy from a pint glass with dinner and then get ready for the whole point of the evening. The living room is all yours.

Take what’s left of your food and drink supplies (turn that heating up, close those curtains) and settle in for a night of guilt-free gaming. Whatever your video game of choice, load it up, and don’t stop playing until you want to. You’ve worked hard this week, you’ve got nothing planned tomorrow and you’re saving a fortune by not going out tonight. You have earned this.

By Wildz