It's a Guy Thing

Tech Tested!

We roam the malls looking for the hottest tech to play with and review so you don’t have to, and here’s two of our newest finds! Take a look…


Esports has a new apex predator. As the successor to the
award-winning Razer Viper Ultimate, the latest evolution is
more than 20% lighter and armed with all-round upgrades for
enhanced performance. With one of the lightest wireless gaming
mice ever, there’s now nothing holding you back.
Final thought: It feels easy in the hand, and comes with some
grip decals in the box. The sensitivity settings are useful depending
on your play style and the mouse has a quality feel to
it. The only thing we’d tweak is the size in your palm, reducing
it slightly around the hard edges for a more comfortable fit
during those grueling hours-long gaming sessions.

REACT-R™ Controller

React faster with the Turtle Beach® REACT-R™ Controller
for Xbox Series & Windows PCs. Plug in any 3.5mm headset
and instantly upgrade your audio with quick-access controls
for exclusive Superhuman Hearing®, game & chat volume
balance, and mic mute. Play longer and stay in control thanks
to an ergonomic handle shape and textured grips, handles and
triggers. Two mappable quick-action buttons on the backside
of the controller let you customize your controls for quicker
reactions. Feel the rumble of explosions, or the recoil of a gunshot
with vibration feedback thanks to dual rumble motors
in the handles. Plus, the REACT-R™ Controller is officially licensed
by Microsoft for Xbox, so you can count on reliable
button presses & smooth thumbstick movements over heavy