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Take Control

As the age-old debate about which is better, keyboard and mouse or analog controller continues to rage on amongst FPS enthusiasts we took a moment to check out two totally rad controllers on the market at the moment and here’s what we think, check it out!


Although it fits squarely into the premium segment the Chroma is definitely worth the additional spend. Straight out the box, you can feel the quality build and attention to detail so much so that the analog sticks bouncing back into place are happily reminiscent of the original DualShock days back on PSX. The additional M buttons are very well positioned, particularly M1 and M2, with Ms 3 through 6 giving players that extra customizability that, if mapped correctly, can give pro gamers an edge over the competition – and hey, who doesn’t like more options right? The Chroma comes in either black, or white, has comfortable grips, and is so easy to use that the buttons almost flow with the tips of your fingers. We like that it’s not too stiff and that there are chat and audio volume controls as well as a share button. It’s important to note, that for the price, the Chroma is a wired device and that’s pretty much the only space left for improvement really. The Chroma is compatible with Xbox and PC and is a great gift idea, either for someone else or if you’re really keen to spoil yourself.

Wired, audio jack, multi-function keys, changeable thumbsticks, 6 extra customizable M buttons, color-changed led lights.

Rating: 9
With everything you need, and some extra, the quality and design is really hard to beat making the Wolverine V2 Chroma by far one of the best controllers on the market and a definite favorite amongst the team here. Available from Apex Interactive &


Next up is another wired control in the Xbox format, also compatible with the console and PC. The first thing that comes to mind with the Fusion control is that it is both practical and innovative with PowerA covering all of the bases to create a total (and customizable) package. What sets the Fusion apart from the competition is its unique paddle system, which players can add or remove, by simply clicking it in place. Many gamers will both appreciate and take full advantage of the massive opportunities that come with extra mappable buttons, often taking place of the more complex inputs that require two-button presses (or press and holds) to perform. The build is sturdy, and the Fusion comes with a cool hardcover travel case, extra analog sticks (one rounded) and bevels.

Wired, audio jack, changeable sticks, innovative paddle system.

Rating: 8
The customizable functions set the Fusion apart, with its sturdy build and convenient design you could easily play your favorite gamers for hours at a time. Available from Apex Interactive &