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Karry G: “Fashion this is important because it’s a part of my unique image and identity»

The famous DJ Karry G exclusively spoke about her own career and the role fashion plays in her field.

It’s been over half a year since your career began. Can you share what personal changes and perceptions of the world you’ve experienced with your DJ career? Through the launch of my career, I continue the journey of growth as well, both professionally and personally. I’ve become more focused. Music makes you more dedicated because I have a responsibility to myself and my team. I can’t let them down. It’s all very empowering. I have a new perception of myself. I’m creating myself globally now. It is like a clean slate.

Besides great sound, you always have impeccable and designer clothes. Who creates them, and why is it important for you to stand out among others? It’s the designer on my team, Aisha Milevskaya. She feels me perfectly and knows what I like. She has a very good sense of fashion and she creates amazing outfits. This is important because it’s a part of my unique image and identity.

What tracks have you been listening to lately? What’s in Karry G’s playlist? It always depends on the mood. The playlist can be anything from lounge to pop to club tracks.

Did you ever plan to be a model? You have impeccable looks; have you received any offers? Yes, I wanted to be a model, I graduated from Alla Kostromicheva’s modeling school, but because of my petite stature my modeling career didn’t really work out. I turned out to be 4 centimeters short of being tall enough to meet the modeling standard lol. So, I lost the catwalk, but I discovered this huge world of electronic music and DJing.

Share the successes of your latest releases. How are they received in your home countries? I think all the releases are successful because I get a lot of good feedback from my fellows and fans and every time, I am extremely grateful. We are going to keep releasing new cool tracks and hopefully the big Karry G fan family will get even bigger.

What are you preparing for the summer season? What new things can we expect from Karry G? There’s so much new music in the making, we are preparing new sets, and videos so stay tuned for fresh sounds that we’re crafting. Follow me on Spotify, Instagram and Youtube.