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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

For decades now, Star Wars games have been hit and miss, from the highs of the Knights of the Old Republic games to the lows of the Kinect Star Wars, the quality of this famous franchise differs dramatically from every entry. Although recently the Star Wars Battleground games looked promising, EA’s reliance on loot boxes killed off any chance the game had. Enter Respawn Entertainment, veterans of the highly-rated Titanfall and Apex: Legends games with a brand new entry into the galaxy far, far away. Can Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order reinvigorate and capture the gaming community’s excitement and imagination of the series once more?

The Empire seeks to eradicate all Jedi after the execution of Order 66. You, a Jedi Padawan-turned-fugitive, must fight for your survival as you explore the mysteries of a long-extinct civilization in the hopes of rebuilding the Jedi Order. After narrowly escaping the Jedi purge, you’re on a quest to rebuild your fallen Order. Pick up the pieces of your shattered past and complete your Jedi training, all while staying one step ahead of the Empire and its deadly Inquisitors. Use the Force to manipulate your environment, destroy obstacles, and surprise unsuspecting foes. During this dark time, in the far reaches of the galaxy, a young man named Cal Kestis conceals himself in the industrial yards of Bracca. Though he tries to forget his past, he cannot escape that he was a Padawan of the fallen Jedi Order. The eyes of the Empire are everywhere, and their fist is slowly tightening around the galaxy. With the Inquisitors – Imperial Jedi hunters – always on the search for hidden Jedi, nowhere is safe for him after he is seen using his Force powers.

Much like Sekiro, that was released earlier this year, Fallen Order is all about using your lightsabre in a smart way to parry and attack your opponents. You’ll need to be twice the fighter your enemies are to survive against the Empire. Parry incoming attacks, dodge out of danger, and finish the Empire’s forces before they finish you. You’ll also have a trusty companion in BD-1, a flying android that’s by your side throughout the game. Use his abilities to search your environment, find the quickest path to safety, or recover from a fight. Leap, climb, swim, dive, wall-run, and more as you explore dangerous terrain with your Force-enhanced reflexes and agility.

Unlike previous more linear Star Wars games, Fallen Order rewards exploration as you travel from planet to planet, hidden paths are all over the place with secrets galore. The exploration allows one to truly soak in the Star Wars experience, feeling like a truly lived-in galaxy. It also looks amazing, with the animation of your character and enemies feeling truly lifelike. For years now, Star Wars fans have been begging for a good single-player experience and finally with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order their dreams have come true. It might just be the best game in the famous franchise and if you are a fan then this is a must-have game.