It's a Guy Thing


It’s a term most people have heard of but maybe don’t fully understand. Although it’s a phrase commonly used in jest amongst the crew ‘sexercise’ the describe hot, steamy sex that really took a lot out of you sexercise is the real deal.

There are a few other ideas behind the concept like to warm up your body using a few exercises to get the blood flowing, loosing up your muscles, pumping the blood full of oxygen and ideally improving the overall sensation experienced during intercourse while some regard it has sex that is, well, quite the workout. It all depends on the person and purpose. Some even regard it not as a warmup or the act, but as exercises aimed at overall improvement. For a woman, something like Kegels may be considered a form of sexercise, even though no intercourse is taking place. Why? Well although it’s not an exercise performed for immediate gratification, it is an exercise designed to enhance a particular part of her body that could stimulate and greatly improve the pleasure for her partner. Inversely, for a man, the goal might be to find ways to improve stamina or endurance by practicing self-restraint and finding the correct speed and momentum to prolong his endeavors. Then there’s the ‘sex should be vigorous’ group who ideally think of sexercise as positions in which you’d need to put a little more effort into the act – think positions like the wheelbarrow or having to lift or partner up.

So, what is sexercise? Well, it has its own meaning to each person. Some say it’s the prep and warmup you do with minor stretches and exercises before sex, others refer to it as a diligent form of turning the actually act of sex into a full-on exercise routine. Then there’s the group of people who think of it entirely as doing exercises that’ll improve your performance between the sheets. So ideally it’ll be exercises that tone, strengthen or even improve your sexual features and prowess. 

In the urban slang sense, sexercise can also be described as not feeling the need to go to the gym because you’ve already burned enough calories with a prolonged session of hot and sweaty sex. Talk about an awesome regime huh? Sexercises range from Kegel exercise to aerobic exercise and cardiovascular routines. Flexibility for performing contortion specifically for erotic or sexual positions may also be practiced. So, for the purpose of this article, we’re going to stick to the definition of sexercise as regular, but more intense, steamy, sweaty, and calorie-burning sex!


The Benefits of Sexercise

Aside from being a really stimulating and positively great workout, sexercise also has a number of benefits. Researchers around the world have published numerous reports on the health benefits of sex, some of which include decreasing stress levels, boosting the immune system, burning calories, producing good pleasure-inducing endorphins and even promoting better sleep and self-confidence. 

In the physical sense, sexercise is good for your body. Sex is fun, yeah we all know that, but it’s also good for your health. During intercourse, you’re able to increase your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular system which lowers the risk of heart attacks. Sex also helps lower blood pressure and the pleasure endorphins released mean less stress and a happier, healthier state of being. Actually, the release of these “happy” hormones is probably one of the healthiest things about sex. These endorphins stimulate cells in the immune system which appears to help ward off cancer, diminish wrinkles and increase your ability to fight infections. Then there’s all the recent research evidence that suggests that men who ejaculate frequently, or at least five times per week, can experience a reduced risk of prostate cancer. That’s not to say there aren’t any benefits for women also. For women, intercourse and vibrators help keep the vaginal tissues supple. For both genders, the saying “use it or lose it” holds true so maybe it’s a good idea to share this article and spread the good news. Just remember to always practice safe sex. 

Sexercise is more than just the physical act because a lot of what goes into intimacy can benefit your mental health, confidence and general attitude towards life. Sex has been known to make you a happier and calm person. We’ve all noticed a person being generally more pleasant after a good round of bedroom activities so this really makes a lot of sense. The idea of sex is often general, meaning it’s pictured with a usually ideal or unknown person. But some of the real benefits of sex are experienced in an intimate setting with a partner you’ve been in a long-term relationship with. Maybe this is what leads to the feeling of love? Though that’s another debate entirely. Many studies have revealed that people who are in good long-term relationships, including sexual ones, tend to live longer and healthier lives. It’s important to note that really good sex is about more than penetration. It involves foreplay, touch, chemistry, personal connection, and communication. Sex stimulates the brain and raises self-esteem. Simply sharing an intimate moment with your partner can have a calming effect on the mind. You will also develop a glow that makes those around you smile. You secretly know why and they may too.

Consider starting slow with a few easier slightly more intense or demanding positions then work your way up. Also, talk to your partner about it to see how they feel. It might be a really fun project for the two of you to get involved in together. Once you’ve figured out what’s more your style you can find a way to fit sexercise into your schedule, much like you work a normal workout routine. And like any workout regime, it’s often good to switch it up from time to time to keep things interesting. This can include different or harder sexual positions, role-play or even different places and settings. Switching positions allows you to target multiple muscle groups so make it fun. Remember, it’s not just the act itself, foreplay, kissing and touching are great ways to burn calories too. Sensual massages relax the body and help strengthen intimate bonds so there’s really a whole lot you could do to feel the burn. The best part is that you won’t require a gym membership and getting fit is likely to be way more fun!


The Top 4 Sexercise Positions You Have to Try!

Sexercise is definitely fun! It’s a great way to improve your physical and mental health and although tougher, more demanding sexual positions won’t necessarily be too dangerous you should always practice careful consideration and caution before trying anything new. The last thing you need is a position so daring you end up breaking your back or that of your partner’s. Just remember that a few sexercise positions may make use of muscles you’re not entirely familiar with using so always remember safety first. 


The Wheelbarrow

Perhaps one of the simplest, more common positions suitable for starters is the Wheelbarrow. As the name implicates, the man will push from behind while the woman plays the role of the wheelbarrow lying facedown on the floor while he lifts her up from behind – much like Doggystyle but with her legs wide open and around his waist. Both partners in this sexercise will make considerable use of their upper arms, him to hold her up and her to maintain balance and lift. He will also use his quads and this is a great way to get in some cardio for both partners.  

Wanna level up? Then try the Reverse Wheelbarrow with her face up and her arms arched backward.


The Speedbump

Here’s a very interesting position particularly if you prefer coming in from behind – think the Wheelbarrow with added support for her. The Speedbump is a rear-entry position that makes use of a medicine (yoga) ball. The idea is simple enough. The woman lies face forward resting her stomach on the medicine ball while the man positions himself behind her. The intensity of this sexercise can depend on the size of the ball and the position of her body with muscle groups like her arms and midsection being used while he works out his lower legs and quads. 


Big Dipper

Here’s an interesting more intermediate pose to try. It involves the man suspending his body between two level objects, ideally two chairs set a few feet apart. He’ll start by balancing his body faceup and resting his legs on one chair and his elbows on the other. Be sure to get comfortable – maybe with a pillow on each chair. Once he is ready, the woman can mount him being sure to maintain her balance with her feet firmly on the ground and then the real fun begins. The idea here is for the guy to move up and down between the chairs much like he’s dipping his body towards the floor before returning back up. This position is slightly more intimate than some sexercise poses because you’re facing one another and can make eye contact or kiss. She can wrap her arms around him, touch his hair or chest or even rub her clitoris if you’re at the right angle. Sexercises for him are the dipping down and back up while for her it’s the movements of bending her knees and returning, similar to squats. 


The Jellyfish

This is more for sexercise veterans and requires some skill and strength. Also, a lot of this depends on your individual height so perfecting this move may take a little practice. The man kneels down with his back straight. The woman stands on one knee next to her male partner, facing him, her second leg is bent in knee, the support is made on it. He embraces her with one hand behind her back, the second one he puts on her buttocks, she hugs his neck and puts her head on his shoulder, so the man can kiss her neck.


Fun Facts

Kissing can burn 65 calories per hour

Sex burns between 80 and 150 calories per hour