It's a Guy Thing

Is Online Bingo Becoming More Popular Amongst Male Players?

Bingo today looks quite different to what it was five decades ago. At its inception, it was just a fun game that took place in bingo halls across the world.

The golden ages of Bingo were in the eighties and nineties. The end of World War II saw bingo take off in popularity. These were periods where women were often refused service at pubs. Seeking somewhere else to socialise, women discovered bingo halls.

Today, it has spread to the online world of gambling. The rise of hundreds of bingo sites has completely changed the face of the game.

But what exactly drove that change? And why did it happen?

Bingo was unique among the many other gambling games. This is because it has a history of attracting women players more than men.

The game has a long association with mostly old ladies. These ladies visit the halls on Fridays for a few rounds and small talk. Where gambling games were created to be risky and set hearts racing – which attract men – bingo was different. With bingo, the social aspects of the game became more important than how the game was to be played.

It was a low risk, soft form of gambling that served as a community event that brought everyone together. It could be compared to the bar on Friday or Sunday church service. That is clearly not the case anymore.

The transition from land-based bingo halls to online websites has brought the game to a whole different audience. In 1996, there were 1,200 commercial bingo spots in the UK. That figure was down to 351 in 2016. Today, player participation is as high as it gets right now, and it’s no longer solely made up of women. 2020 stats indicate that 78% of all online bingo players are female.

However, the same reports also suggest that male players take close to half the bonuses. This can and will be a huge motivating factor.

Due to this change in the demographics playing bingo online, operators have also changed their modus operandi. Today, they focus more on creating games that appeal widely. This includes younger audiences, male audiences as well as female audiences.

The old, typical idea of elderly people meeting and playing bingo is something operators are trying hard to shed today.

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Today, online bingo platforms feature more lively, modern themes and designs. They also offer more game choices and chat rooms. Keep reading as we look at the reasons why online bingo is increasing participation from a wide range of demographics.

Men feel more comfortable

Thanks to the internet, consumers have more anonymity when it comes to their preferences and behavior. Men certainly feel more comfortable playing bingo online than at a bingo hall.

Additionally, gender roles are starting to mean less than they once did. Millennial men are more comfortable playing bingo than their fathers would have been.

There is a wider variety of choices

Online bingo operators offer a myriad of options and themes. There’s plenty of choice and frequent promotions that make playing more fun.

Bingo is also increasingly offered alongside traditional games. Slots and games are offered on the same platform so men can mix and find combinations that fit their tastes.

Sign up bonuses

Enticing sign up bonuses and promotions make online bingo an interesting draw for new players. Free cards, deposit matching and promotions are just some ways players can get rewarded for playing. Additionally, loyalty programs continue to reward players for continuing to play.

Online bingo is quicker and easier to play

The pace of online bingo is much quicker than the average offline game. In land-based bingo halls, you use a bingo dabber to mark each number off the card.

This sometimes makes it difficult to listen for the numbers called out. These problems are avoided when playing online as numbers register automatically.

People can even play bingo while working on another task. There are indications that people sometimes play online bingo as a hobby rather than as a way to make money.

There is also the convenience factor, like all things online. Instead of going out to bingo halls, players can play from home or work. This is also a cheaper option because players won’t have to spend on food or refreshments.

It’s also attractive to older tech savvy men

Online bingo is fun and a joy to play. Another benefit is that it’s not as taxing as other gambling games like blackjack or poker. This has also led to it being a fun pastime often shared with their spouse and grown-up children.

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Connects people

Many of the online platforms go a long way in integrating online chat rooms and more. This means players can meet and interact with other like-minded people.

Some sites also allow people to organise their own bingo events. They can invite their own friends to play with, making it a fun and personal experience.

It’s no secret that online gambling is male dominated. 82% of all money spent on online gambling is by men. Huge jackpots, cash prizes and exclusive bonuses make it difficult to resist for men who are more generally like to thrill seek.

As bingo continues to grow and social expectations become less important, we expect more men to take up bingo. Focusing on the entertainment and social aspect rather than just winning will make it even more rewarding.