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King & Queen of the Encore

with FHM France September 2023 cover stars Shelby Doll / @shelbydollofficial & Rik Reese /

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Rockstar Showgirl Shelby Doll with Canadian Country Music Entertainer, Rik Reese. There are two things that consistently top sales in the live entertainment industry: country music and

exotic entertainment. Artists like Bubba Sparxxx, Kid Rock, and now Jelly Roll, have all created top brands blending the country music lifestyle with other popular music genres like hip hop and rock and roll. Showgirls are often called upon to star in music videos or dance on stage for live concerts. Beginning in 2024, the live entertainment industry will see a new mix of entertainers tearing up the United States and Canada. Rockstar showgirl Shelby Doll will be joined on tour by Canadian country music entertainer Rik Reese and his band. Shelby had previously announced her retirement from the main stage in early 2023

because of ongoing health issues and what she described as “life changes”. The performer is notoriously known for her cult following and dedicated fan base and faced a lot of whiplash over her unexpected retirement. This July, after receiving an offer to have her road life filmed for a future reality series, she

will deliver her biggest tour yet – Country Cabaret: The Rockstar Take Over. This tour will bring an incredible live entertainment experience to cabarets, theaters, and events across North America. The show will debut in Las Vegas at the FHM USA Top 100 Sexiest release party on October 12th.

 The performance chemistry between the two performers is undeniable. Both are known for their high energy shows and production value. They are as much country as they are rock and roll both on the stage and in their home lives. While the two performers are not an item, you would never guess that. When they hit the stage together, it is real magic like they have performed together for a decade. This combination of talents is fresh and new and speaks volumes to their ingenuity and artistry as performers, as well as the success of their individual careers, leading up to the tour.

Rik Reese and his band have delivered countless performances that keep the massive festival audiences wanting more. Rik is an ECMA Nominee for Country Album of the Year and made the

CMN Canadian Country Albums of the Decade List, as well as a CMT Featured artist of the week. Casey Clarke of Country Music Television (CMT) says, ” People HAVE to see Rik Reese live, he is ALL ABOUT the live show!”. With all this success, it is no surprise their tour schedule is stacked full for the next two seasons. Rik Reese is known for being one of the most kind and easy-going musicians in the Canadian music world and is often booked because he can orchestrate a strong team of amazing musicians that can roll with the punches and deliver a stand-out show with fans chanting for “one more song!” every time. Fans travel hours to take in a Rik Reese Band show or catch a side project show (Gypsy Reese) with fellow band mate ‘Gypsy’ Ron Parent. While Rik is a country music star, the shows feel like you’re at a rock concert. 

Shelby Doll’s fans are eagerly awaiting the Rockstar of the Burlesque’s return to the stage. In her year absence, they created a fan YouTube channel where they discuss their merchandise collections and show memories. Part of what fuels ‘Team Shelby’ is the deeply embedded show themes, which tend to be very political or activist in nature. Her fans love to debate and discuss the complex nature of her performances. Shelby Doll is unique to the adult market because many of her fans outwardly support her publicly, even though Shelby herself is not a fan of retaining a strong digital presence. The Rockstarof Burlesque interestingly receives little discrimination from the mainstream world for the nudity that accompanies her cabaret-specific shows and various international Playboy Magazine appearances. This is often credited to the way in which she carries herself where she is always well-spoken but has a strong passion for life and remains humble despite her many successes. It is impossible to not love Shelby Doll. She is known as the performer to the rockstars and has danced for a long list of A-list celebrities. Shelby stands erotically straddled between the exotic nightlife and her more modest private day life, making her a genuine country girl next door. Shelby tours like a rockstar, hence her nickname.Hopping on her tour bus to attend her stacked appearances and a wide variety of performances which

include family-friendly shows at cons and expos. She is all business and is an explosive well-rounded entertainer. The interest in her by fans goes far beyond her beautiful body and stunning eyes. She is an advocate for women in adult entertainment and works vigorously as a volunteer in many projects to help other artists forward their careers. Shelby Doll’s powerhouse shows, bring the audience to their feet and notoriously end with them chanting for an encore. 

Together, the very desirable Shelby Doll and Rik Reese will tear up stages across North America fulfilling their fan-dubbed tagline ‘King and Queen of the Encore’ leaving audiences screaming for more. They will be accompanied by the very talented Ron Parent (vocals and bass), Jock Downs (lead guitar) and Jay Arsenault (drums). The opening acts will feature top showgirl newcomer and circus artist Miss Galaxy along with former professional wrestler and burlesque rising star Miss Nyxon (Shaul Guerrero). This power team of incredible artists will make up the first crew for Country Cabaret: The Rockstar Takeover! Look forward to catching a live show and later the release of the reality series. You can follow the tour beginning in October @countrycabaret on Instagram. For a link to all things Shelby Doll visit / and discover more about Rik Reese at /