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Themed Game Night Ideas for Your Next Home Party

Are you interested in throwing a party at your home soon? Hosting a group of friends or loved ones can be a big task, as you’ll need to consider everything from food to decorations, invites, and more. Well, in the department of entertainment, we have you covered with some creative ideas for themed games that everyone is sure to love!  

It’s the season of hosting, so take your friendly gathering to the next level with these fun game night ideas!

‘Board Game Hopping’

Who doesn’t enjoy playing board games every now and then? Whether it’s one of the long-time classics like Monopoly, Clue, Catan, or Scrabble, or newer selections like Scythe, Dixit, and Small World, their entertainment value cannot be understated. Make board games the center of your themed party by collecting as many as you can or asking guests to bring their favorites. Place them in different areas and divide people into groups that circulate around the room so that everyone can enjoy a variety of titles. To add a competitive edge, keep a tally of who is winning which games and give a prize to the victorious group at the end.

‘A Las Vegas Escape’

Title this game night ‘A Las Vegas Escape’ and prepare your guests to have the night of their lives under the bright lights of your living room that has been transformed into Sin City with a myriad of table game offerings and themed decorations. Section off different corners of the space so that they contain a variety of games that cater to your guest’s playing preferences. For example, one area could be a Roulette tournament and the other a Blackjack takedown, with one person acting as the professional dealer to mimic the action in a real-life casino. If you are nervous that some of your attendees won’t know the basic rules surrounding some titles, recommend that they practice with Casino Games that can be accessed online with their tablet, desktop computer, or mobile phone. This way, when they arrive to your party, they’ll be able to participate in all the fun without getting lost along the way!

‘Minute to Win It Montage’

Because of their fast-paced, high-energy nature, Minute to Win It games are fabulous to play at parties with friends at home. Based on the popular television show of the same name, these games rely on contestants completing some type of crazy task or challenge in under one minute. Players should aim to rack up as many points for their team as possible, as the team with the most points at the very end wins it all. For example, a popular Minute to Win it game is ‘Face the Cookie’ in which each person participating must try to get an Oreo from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands. There’s also ‘Wrap it Up’ where players have 60 seconds to wrap another member of their team in toilet paper from head to toe so that no part of their body is visible. One last example is ‘Defying Gravity’ where players must keep a group of balloons in the air all at the same without them hitting the floor. There are countless ideas for creative Minute to Win It games on the internet, so get to searching! Gather a montage of your favorites and start prepping the materials for an evening filled with fun and laughter.

Be sure to have some easy-to-eat appetizers and snacks on hand so your guests can satisfy their hunger while playing

‘The Ultimate Trivia Tournament’

If you’re expecting a big group, hosting a trivia tournament is a wonderful option for entertainment that is sure to appeal to everyone involved. Depending on how many teams you’ll have, prepare a certain number of answer sheets with sections for each round. The recommended number of questions per round is up to you and how long you want the game to last. For the questions themselves, it’s a good idea to follow a classic trivia layout that includes popular categories like history, movies, sports, and one wildcard round. As far as the host goes, you can either nominate yourself as the party thrower or choose someone that may not want to participate in answering the questions and would rather announce them. Whatever you do, don’t forget to have food available that players can nibble on while they brainstorm. Check out some of these recipes for inspiration!