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Best TVs to Buy

It’s time to upgrade that old boring LED TV of yours to one of the following amazing TVs.

Samsung Q90R QLED TV (2019)

The Q9FN was arguably the best TV in 2018, but it didn’t come without some major issues or complaints. However, the South Korean giants clearly listened as they have practically fixed every issue with the release of the Q90R QLED TV. Gone are the criticisms of the poor viewing angles and overly aggressive local dimming. Featuring a new Ultra Black Elite filter that delivers deep blacks without losing shadow detail. The Q90 is able to deliver images that can directly compete with an OLED, with natural colors, bright highlights, deep blacks, and well-defined shadows. It can also surpass any OLED when it comes to HDR, with images that are often breath-taking in their detail and dynamic range. This is an amazing 4K Television and even the lack of Dolby Vision doesn’t distract from what Samsung has done with the Q90R.

LG C9 OLED Series

LG has always been known for how smart their smart TVs are and with the C9 series, they once again show that no other 4K TV comes close to the smart AI features. The 2nd generation Alpha9 processor, which uses AI enhancements to deliver stellar SDR and HDR images, helps make the upscaling and processing second-to-none with incredible levels of detail and image fidelity. Add to that the impressive new AI sound options that analyze and improve sound quality in real-time, and you have one of the smartest TVs around. On a side note, the peak brightness for HDR and lack of HDR10+ support might be a sticky point for some, but if a smart TV is your thing then no one comes close to the C9.

Vizio P-Series Quantum X 

The Vizio P-Series Quantum X is a home run for Vizio. Sure, the SmartCast interface isn’t all that great, and the speakers are worth bypassing, but the TV is packed with awesome features and backed up by an excellent image quality. We’re looking forward to AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support, but even without those features the TV is still one of the best options in its price range. If you truly have deep pockets and want the best image quality out there, then it’s still worth going for LG’s OLED or Samsung’s QLED TVs – but in the absence of a six-figure salary, the $2,199 Vizio P-Series Quantum X PX-65G1 is clearly an excellent option for those that want quantum dot tech in a smart TV at Vizio-level prices. 


 Sony A9G Master Series OLED

The brand-new flagship from Japanese giants Sony is packed to the brim with cutting edge features. From Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, plus Netflix Calibrated Mode and IMAX Enhanced certification. The Android platform, although a bit clunky at time, is easy to live with, plus vibrating sound system is entertaining and the picture quality is top-notch. Offering Dolby Vision is a welcome refinement, although there is a lack of support for HDR10+. The upscaling from HD/SDR is world-class however and completely makes up for the lack of HDR10+. Although it’s quite expensive when compared to other televisions on this list, the craftsmanship and features totally justify the high price point.

Sony Bravia X950G Series

The second 4K TV on the list from Sony, this mid-range 4K set is sure to impress many, but does have a few issues to keep in mind. Sporting the upgraded X1 Ultimate processor, Netflix Calibrated Mode and the latest version of Android TV, Sony’s X950G has a lot going for it, especially considering the price. The colors are very natural, lacking that oversaturated look that plagues some mid-range sets. As lovely as the picture is, the actual audio coming out of the set is extremely disappointing and a soundbar companion is highly recommended. It’s a minor concern and considering the lovely picture it’s hardly a deal-breaker.

TCL 6-Series (R615, R617) 

So far the majority of the 4K televisions mentioned on this list has been at quite a high price point, but for people on a budget the TCL 6-Series is definitely worth a look at. With a lovely bright and colorful HDR, Dolby Vision support as well as the Roku TV inclusion, the TCL-6 series shines. This is the best TV you can possibly get in this price range. Its performance per dollar is unmatched and its picture quality will truly impress you. If you want bang for your buck, then look no further.

Hisense H8F Series (2019)

Hisense’s H8 Series has long offered high quality at a very reasonable price, but the H8F is a little different than previous-gen H8 series TVs. It’s the company’s best value TV yet and offers both Android TV and the company’s proprietary ULED TV tech that it claims offers better contrast and performance than rival LED TVs. The picture quality is excellent and with the built-in Android TV just adding to the overall quality. Of course, it can’t compete with the big-name brands, but if price is your number one concern then you will not find a better TV below the $500 mark.