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Meet this month’s cover star Air Force Amy / @airforceamyvegas

Photography Arthur St. John 

HMUA Kimberly Hill

Welcome to the FHM family! Congratulations on gracing the cover of the official FHM USA! How do you feel right now? I feel like a million bucks! I’m super honored and flattered to be part of the FHM family. Thank you so very much for this opportunity. 

For our readers who may not know you, tell us a bit about you, your background, your story, etc… Sure, I go by the name “Air Force Amy,” and I’m well known as a Living Legend in the world of sex.  I got so well-known for my starring role in the hit HBO reality series “Cathouse”.  The show aired on HBO late at night over the span of 8 years, and it showcased the ongoings at the Bunny Branch run by the famed late spin doctor, Dennis Hof.  I was also instrumental in making the Bunny Branch and myself a household name through tons and tons of promotional stunts.  The Bunny Branch is a licensed legal brothel near Reno, Nevada.  I no longer work there and now work exclusively at the Chicken Ranch legal brothel closest to Las Vegas.  I’ve remained a popular and top earner at all the major player legal brothels in Nevada for over a couple of decades.

How has starring in the HBO hit documentary, “Cathouse: The Series” changed your life? Well, first, it brought unexpected fame, that’s for sure.  It’s crazy that I still get recognized quite often everywhere I go.  The best part is that people seem to love my character.  There might be a few trolls online who are mean to me, but then my fans get on board and always have my back, and they say the kindest and nicest things to me and about me. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to write such kind things.  Their kindness warms my heart and feels so good. 

We thank you for your service to our nation and our people, how has serving in the Air Force shaped your character and stance? I’ve always been a hard worker, and I have a can-do attitude. The military gave me a real love for my country and my fellow countrymen and women. I am strongly patriotic, and I will always defend our freedoms and the Constitution of the United States. I’ve served in third-world Countries, and I’ve seen the poor conditions in which nondemocratic and Banana Republics are forced to live. 

Are you romantic? I am super romantic. You may even call me a hopeless romantic. I’m in love with being in love, and I can fall in love often with my clients, and I do. I come from a place of love and try to do everything with love. I blush and get giddy like a schoolgirl when I fall in love and even when I fall in lust, too. 

Describe your perfect date: My perfect date is connecting with someone with a kind soul.  I enjoy learning about other people’s lives and points of view.  I especially like it when we have common interests, which is almost always true.  I like holding hands and lots of displays of affection.  I enjoy being affectionate and just enjoying each other’s company.

Favorite food? I love a great piece of meat pun intended, ha-ha. No, I am a steakhouse aficionado. I also love sweets, especially ice cream.

Favorite cocktail? If I drank, it would be a fine wine.

Favorite movie? Forrest Gump, the new Elvis movie, and anything Quentin Tarantino.

What is your best asset? My intuition.

Which animal best describes you and why? My zodiac sign, is Leo the lion. Because of my long flowing golden locks of hair, I purr and cuddle like a kitty cat. Plus, I am courageous and loyal to a fault.

Biggest pet peeve is. Dishonesty.

We have an election coming up this year, and our country seems more divided than ever; how do you think we get back on track as a nation?  We need to concentrate on our similarities rather than our differences. We can’t allow ourselves to be undermined by other’s agendas.  We need to see the forest through the trees. We need to remember our values and love our heritage and the constitutional principles of the USA. Investigate, research, and ask questions.  Get to the bottom of things and issues.   My grandpa used to say, and it holds now more than ever, “Don’t believe anything that you hear and only half of what you see.” 

What do you like most and least about Trump?  He seems to run the country like a business instead of being a political machine cog. I say he is people’s president because he likes the rallies even if to bolster his ego. He gives Americans something to rally around, be proud of, and love the USA. I don’t like that he says immature things and makes fun of others.

What do you like most and least about Biden? I like that Biden keeps on keeping on despite his dementia.  I don’t like his blatant dishonesty and disregard for my safety and security in the USA.

Have you ever considered politics? Even at the local level. If so, what would be some of your goals? I have not considered politics even at the local level, as I saw what it did with my previous employer, Dennis Hof, who was running for political office at the regional level.  Although the headlines read “Dead pimp wins race.”, I saw that it was a very dirty, dishonest, and vengeful business. I experienced firsthand news and media disinformation, censorship, political persecution, frivolous lawsuits, and weaponization of the local DA.  If I could make one change, I would get the ERA ratified.

This issue is our special 4th of July edition, what does being an American mean to you? and where do you see yourself and our beautiful country headed in the future? I love and appreciate my American way of life, especially my freedom of speech, right to bear arms, free elections, and equal protection under the law.  I’m afraid the next presidential election could change the trajectory of the USA to a complete fail.  That is why I want to throw my hat into the ring and get some skin in the game.  I officially announce my personal MAGA manifesto published on my website at  I hope to show that we all fall somewhere in the middle of a hard left or hard right and that we would do better not to trust or support an administration that wants to divide us as a people and sow hatred and dysfunction.  I hope to show that voting in this election is better for fundamental American freedom-loving values and way of life.  That’s just my humble opinion.  I’ve been taught to keep my “opinions” to myself and in a sales position, not to alienate a political party, and I may not be prepared for the backlash, but what the heck, I am a Leo and a true blue, red-blooded American.  Again, thank you for this opportunity, whether you support my position or not.  God bless and keep us all.

Where can our readers find you on social media?, X @airforceamy, @airforceamy4USA, IG @airforceamyvegas, TikTok @airforceamytv and YouTube @airforceamytv.