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Become the King in the Bedroom and Surprise Her with Your Pleasure Giving Skills

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Every man should be a king in his own life, that means socially but also in the bedroom. The best way to achieve this isn’t to focus on your own pleasure but rather to bend your energies towards becoming as good as you possibly can at making sure your partner is enjoying themselves as much as possible in your intimate moments. Nothing can make you feel manlier than your partner going wild at your touch and demanding that you give them more, except perhaps, giving them more. 

In this article, we will explore what it might take for you to start your journey on the road to becoming the ultimate pleasure giver. If you want to leave your lover breathless, if you want to ignite her passion for your touch, if you want to keep them coming back for more of your sweet loving, then you should read on.

Find out what your lover’s unique key is

Every woman is different, they all have different hates and likes and what works for one, might be a turn-off for another. You can go with trial and error and try to learn as you go what the best way of pleasuring your partner is. But there’s an easier way, ask her. If you communicate directly and effectively about what you want to do and what she wants to do, then you don’t have to beat around the bush and learn by making mistakes. Communication really will cut the learning curve into a flat line, and it will show your partner that you value her input and that you’ll listen to her, which will also help. 

It’s important to be confident in following wherever this thread might lead, even if your partner is into something that you have no experience in or might not have ever considered doing before she suggested it. If for example, she turns out to be into foot play, then just roll with it and see where it goes. In an event like this, you might even be well served by doing some research when you get the chance and finding out how other women with the same preference like things to be done. You can find plenty of resources for that research online with lots of them being freely available, but if you run out of material you can see more here that will help you to know how to pleasure someone who enjoys foot play.

Pleasure, the most intimate art form

While you are unlikely to be able to showcase it practically in a museum, pleasure is doubtlessly an art form. Like all arts, it can require practice, patience and a whole lot of learning. Like other arts, some might even be more gifted than others, possessing an innate empathetic connection with their partners, or simply having magic fingers. But worry not, if you don’t possess natural talent, those who are trained and practice diligently always surpass those who rely on natural talent, and you’ll be just fine. 

An important thing to remember about pleasure is that it isn’t all about the physical. The physical side of it is definitely required, but just as important is the emotional connection that you build with your lover. If you pay attention to her body and her reactions then you will know without having to be told what the right things to do are. The best thing about pleasure is that you will find that the more you give the more you will receive. What you give, you will get.

Tease her and always make her want more

Getting her to want more means you want to create an atmosphere of desire and anticipation. You want to make sure that there is a good atmosphere with nice smells and good lighting. Once you have the atmosphere right the most important thing to do is to take your time. Do not under any circumstances rush right for intimacy. Draw out the experience and tease her gently, make her enjoy and anticipate every touch you give. In this way, you can drive her wild before you even get to the act of intimacy itself, which will make the intimacy so much better. Always remember to be gentle and caring with sensitive areas, a light touch will do wonders.

Pleasure is about learning

As well as being an art form, and as we mentioned earlier, pleasure is largely about learning. That is, pleasuring someone else well is about learning. You need to spend time paying intimate attention to what they enjoy in order to replicate it the next time. Experimentation is an excellent idea here, as by introducing new elements to your routine you can see what works and what doesn’t and you might even discover things about her and yourself that you didn’t know. Don’t be afraid to use toys and otherwise get help from outside sources, it doesn’t have to all be you doing the work. 

By exploring your partner’s needs and desires you will also be exploring your own and knowing yourself in this way will help you to know what it is that you want out of these experiences as well. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and to learn what works and what doesn’t, just listen to what she says, pay attention to how she acts and adjust what you are doing for maximum effect.

Use passion as fuel

If you are able to build passion and intimacy between yourself and your partner you will find that it will drive you to become more intimate and strengthen the connections between you both in and out of the bedroom. By showing your partner love and appreciation outside of the bedroom you can build this passion and allow it to be an ever-burning fuel that will ignite when you become intimate. In this way, you can absolutely have your passion reach a fever pitch and run away with you, which is an exciting experience that is more common towards the beginning of a relationship with a partner. If you can focus on keeping passion high throughout a relationship you will find your intimate moments become more exciting as that well of fuel will be deeper.

Surprise her in your intimate moments

A good thing to do is to be able to still surprise a partner in intimate moments even if you’ve been together for some time. This means that you should research and look into new positions and techniques or possibly buy new toys for use in the bedroom. If you are able to leave your partner breathless after a sexual encounter when you’ve been intimate with each other many times it is an excellent way to keep the spark well and truly alive and to make yourself feel like a true king.

Be sexually confident

Being sexually confident is all about knowing what you want and not being afraid to express it. This might mean that you discover a new position or a new sexual idea that you want to try and be forward with discussing it with your partner. Understanding the things that bring you pleasure and being able to communicate that with your partner will mean that you are able to achieve those things and will make your partner feel good about being trusted and being able to help you fulfil your desires. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that when you are in the moment and being intimate with your partner you focus on being truly present and enjoying the experience. Confidence is sexy, and that doesn’t change when it’s sexual confidence.

Push the boundaries

Exploring new techniques and pushing the boundaries of what you are familiar and comfortable with is an excellent way to increase your pleasure-giving skills. By being open to trying new things and by being the one to suggest new things it shows that you care that your sexual relationship continues to grow and you will be able to learn new ways of giving pleasure to your partner. Using toys, breaking taboos, and exploring new avenues of pleasure, all of these things can lead to learning opportunities that will increase your ability to pleasure your partner, which in turn means you will feel like a king in the bedroom more often.

Keep her passionate about you

The best way to keep her passionate about you is to stay passionate about her. If you keep learning new things about her and growing with her you will find that she will reciprocate and do the same with you. Relationships always change over time, but if we change with them we can keep the passion alive within them. If you are always upfront and communicate well about your changing feelings and desires you will find that she is doing the same. This will give you the opportunity to satisfy her changing desires and keep you feeling like a king in the bedroom. 

Always remember if you want to be a pleasure-giving king in the bedroom that it’s not all physicality, you need to start with building and deepening the emotional connection you share, then you will find it is much easier to bring the heat in the intimate moments and really make her feel good. Making her feel good, should make you feel good.