It's a Guy Thing

A Military Man

Meet Colin Wayne, a decorated US Army veteran, a world-famous fitness model and the CEO of Redline Steel. Since surviving a rocket attack in Afghanistan years back, and returning to the US, he’s been one of the go-to guys in the fitness and in the business world. During this COVID-19 time, Colin and his company have given back millions in products to essential workers, farmers, teachers, veterans and more alongside the likes of Hollywood actress Megan Fox.

FHM sat down with Colin to find out more about his success, fitness routine, and get some tips and tricks so take a look!

How was it transitioning from the military to being a CEO of a large company? Well, I didn’t start as a CEO after leaving the army, I actually became a fitness model and even owned a nutritional brand before Redline Steel was even an afterthought. One of the biggest takeaways I kept from serving was the “Don’t Give Up” mindset and mentality of doing whatever it takes no matter what. When you first join the Military, you learn to give it your all and never accept defeat. 

What was your fitness routine like back in the army, and what is it like today? I started going to the gym and dedicating myself to fitness back in 2009 while undergoing pre-mobilization training for Iraq.

Although I’ve tried several different training routines, my personal favorite method for working out would be a 5-day split-schedule targeting the primary muscle groups by applying Time under Tension training (TUT) along with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Currently, my 5-day schedule consists of: 

  • Day 1 – Chest
  • Day 2 – Back
  • Day 3 – Legs, quads, hamstrings
  • Day 4 – Shoulders/traps
  • Day 5 – Arms, biceps, triceps

Was dating back in the military days hard, since you were overseas a lot and do you have any advice for those in the military and dating? So a lot of people don’t know this but I was actually married when I was 18 and she cheated on me with my best friend from high school while I was overseas. So military and stability can definitely be a challenge with finding the right person. Looking back I am very thankful that happened because I never would have met my wife Breanna and have my two beautiful girls (Brelin, 3 and Brinley, 1).

You are now married with kids. What does your wife think about your huge popularity? As you can imagine, at first it was a little overwhelming for her, especially when she would accompany me to a fitness event. But after a while, she acclimated to that kind of lifestyle and now actually embraces it. 

You have a large following on Instagram. Do ladies ever try sliding into your DMs? Not as frequently now that I’m out of the fitness industry. Although I’m happily married and 100% open about my family life, occasionally I’ll still receive direct messages from fans and followers alike thinking they are being clever. 

What would be your tips for others to grow their following on Instagram and other social media channels? There are several different things you can do to attribute towards a larger following on social media. I always tell people to post content that engages your audience and to make sure you’re constantly active online. One thing I also love doing is hosting weekly contest giveaways with our Facebook community. Giveaways are a great way to grow your following by implementing “requirements” to join the contest such as: “tag a friend, share the video, and comment ‘done’ to enter this contest.” All of a sudden, you’re creating traffic to your brand or business organically without spending on paid ads. 

Why do you feel your company Redline Steel stands apart from others in your industry? We are the largest customizable steel manufacturing company in the United States. With over 230,000 verified reviews and over 1 million orders placed, one of the biggest contrasts between Redline Steel and other similar companies would be the consumer/customer trust.

How was it working with Megan Fox recently on a big charity give back? Working with Megan was a pleasure for me and my team. She was very kind and thoughtful to the cause and seemed excited to help us in our mission to give back and honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

Besides Megan, what other celebrities are on your radar to work with? I would love to work with Kane Brown, I like the fact that he is so open with being a father and pronounces his love for his family. 

What motto do you live life by? Pain and failure will not defeat me. I want my trials and tribulations to fuel me rather than beat me. I don’t dwell on the negatives. Instead, I focus on what’s ahead and try and learn from my mistakes and shortcomings. We cannot allow others to dictate how far we’re able to go in life. We have to decide this ourselves and then follow that by actually taking the steps to get there.


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