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Red Bull Racing lead as we close in on the midway point of the 2022 F1 season

And, as quickly as the cars are able to go speeding around the tracks, we are already near the halfway point of the current Formula 1 season!

Indeed, it has flown by, with the recent Canadian GP having been the ninth race of a scheduled 22 on the calendar to have taken place already, and the season is certainly looking rather interesting at this point!

In this article, we will take a detailed look at what has already happened, and what we could potentially expect to see as we still have 13 races to take place, including the iconic British GP that will take place on July 3!

What has happened so far?

As mentioned, the 2022 F1 campaign has already managed to whizz past us at the same kind of speeds that individuals like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen continue to manage to achieve as they continue to vie for the World Championship.

The first nine races have not been without their incidents, with a number of different things to have happened. Some have had issues with certain elements of their cars following the changing of the rules in the offseason; DRS failures and loss of power are just some of the problems to have been encountered by teams so far.

Each of Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, and Ferrari have all had their issues in previous races to have been completed, which has left us with a rather interesting race in regard to the overall standings as we head into the British GP in a couple of weeks!

What are the standings?

In regard to the constructors, it should come as no surprise that Red Bull Racing is dominating the standings overall, with a total of 304 points to have been obtained through nine races. Ferrari and Mercedes follow with 228 and 188 points respectively, leaving McLaren (65) and Alpine (57) in their wake.

Given the lead that they have been able to build, Red Bull is among the Formula 1 betting favorites to be crowned constructor winners, although they will need to continue to make sure they perform and are able to eliminate any potential problems that may come up with the cars that Verstappen and Perez drive.

Currently, the Red Bull Racing duo Verstappen and Sergio Perez lead the driver standings for the 2022 F1 season, with 175 and 129 points respectively. Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, though, remains on the Mexican’s tail.

The Monegasque driver has continued to progress throughout his career and started this year brightly, although things have since faded a little. He does have 126 points, though, because of the strong start. Lewis Hamilton, though, has struggled due to Mercedes’ problems and finds himself sixth in the rankings ahead of the 2022 British GP with 77 points; 98 behind Verstappen already.

What can we expect from the 2022 British GP?

Given the fact that the teams will have had two weeks between the conclusion of the Canadian Grand Prix – which Verstappen had managed to win – and the beginning of the British GP, Red Bull Racing will have had enough time to make sure that they are ready to hit the track in the best possible fashion.

Of course, while teams and drivers can do all the preparation in the world, that does not guarantee that the desired performance will be achieved come race day. Nonetheless, while a slip-up would not be the end of the world, it is something you know the team will want to avoid.

Perhaps the biggest concern will be the fact that Hamilton is an eight-time winner at this track and has dominated since he entered the sport for Mercedes. He will also have home support, which is likely to be felt as the race is always packed to the rafters with a number of expectant fans.

Final Thoughts

The 2022 F1 season has already been incredible and has featured a lot of high-octane action that will have provided fans with plenty to talk about! With 13 races still left to take place, though, we can expect to see a number of twists and turns with each of those Grand Prixs to take place!

Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing already look to be the favorites to win their respective world championships, but there is still plenty of action left to be had!