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5 of the best online slot games in 2020

Online gambling has taken the market by storm over the past decade, with the total gross gambling yield (GGY) for the online slot sector reaching £2.1 billion between April 2018 and March 2019. This 6% increase from the previous year suggests that 2020 is set to another successful year for growth. Whilst the current market faces its challenges in relation to the economic downturn, more people at home means more reason to get involved in online slot games. 

So if you’re currently at home and are getting stuck for things to do, there’s never been a better time to try your luck at the latest slot games. With a fantastic variety of games available and some rather pleasing introductory offers, we bet you’ll soon be wishing your time at home will never come to an end! Below, have gathered the latest info on the best slot sites, in which we’ll have a look at 5 of the best slot online slot games of 2020. 

Sausage Party

At number one on our list is Sausage Party by Blueprint Gaming. Sausage Party is by no means your typical slot game, in which it’s based on the Hollywood Blockbuster movie. If you’re currently stuck at home with the kids and beginning to go a bit stir crazy, this slot game is sure to offer some much-needed adult time with it’s rather amusing sexual innuendos throughout! So pour yourself a glass of wine…or two, and get ready to be amused. On to the important info…

This game has 20 play lines, 5 reels and 3 rows and offers you a jackpot of 50,000x your stake. What’s more, it has a rotten tomatoes score of 83%, as well as having a free slots version for if you’re not quite ready to splash the cash. The top features of this game include star-studded visuals, plenty of bonus rounds, and the opportunity to win some serious cash. We’re sold! 

Mega Moolah

This game is a serious eyebrow-raiser having broken a world record in 2015 for the highest payout of an online slot game! Do we have your attention? Not only does this game have an entertaining jungle theme, complete with the big 5, and all the symbols to match; Mega Moolah has an incredibly progressive jackpot and a minimum bet of one penny, meaning there’s no need to raise the stakes if you’re not comfortable.

Whilst the game has a high volatility rate, the incredibly low minimum bet, combined with the opportunity to turn your pennies into a briefcase full of cash makes it oh so appealing. Ready to explore this jungle-themed treasure mine? Head over for a game now! 

Pillars of Asgard

The Pillars of Asgard online slot game has been very cleverly designed by NextGen, in which it features a series of levels, each one offering clues into the next. One thing’s for sure, this game is not for the faint-hearted! However, it offers a huge range of benefits for the tactical minds out there that are ready for a challenge. 

With 6 reels, 4 to 10 multipliers, and 4,096-1,000,000 ways to win pay lines, we’re not sure this game could get any better. The game has a non-progressive jackpot of 10,000x your stake and even offers 20 free spins to get you started. Try not to get carried away by the magic of Asgard as you begin with 4.096 pay lines, which increase significantly as you progress. Ready for a game? Head on over to the mystical realm to get started. 

Megaways Jack

At fourth place on our list is a fairytale classic from 1×2 Network. Megaways Jack is based on… you guessed it… Jack and the Beanstalk and has all of the classic visuals to match, including golden eggs, harps, the beloved cow, the menacing giant, and of course little old jack. However, there’s nothing fairytale about the jackpot here, with a win of 25,000x your stake. 

With an overall impression of 73% on Casino Whizz, some of the top features of this game include a cascading system, some impressive graphics, free spins with multipliers up to 3%, and did we already mention that amazing jackpot! 

Book of Dead 

Fifth on the list, but by no means last, is Book of Dead. This game implores you to venture deep into the Egyptian tombs as you venture through some of the treacherous ruins of the lost world. Based of the Book of Dead novel series, one of the top features of this game is the gamble mini-game that gives you even more opportunities to win. 

This game has a high volatility rate and double or nothing stakes so make sure you’re in it to win it! Pic forks at the ready, it’s time to head into the Egyptian tombs! 

Incredible jackpots, mini-games, free spins, we’re not sure what to be more excited about! Whether you’re an experienced slot game champion, or you’re just starting to dip your toe in the water, it’s time to get your own share of the wins with these top 5 slot games of 2020.