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The Stripper and Her Boss

We check out a new and compelling autobiographical book by a former happily-married woman turned striptease artist that lifts the lid on the seedy world of 1960s Soho clubland.

The Stripper and Her Boss by Angel-Jane Valentine is an intriguing read that reveals a shadowy world of gangsters, debauchery and depravity. Here, the author chronicles at length how her desperation to earn money resulted in her falling victim to a controlling boss, domination and sadomasochism

The book, in essence, is a tell-all account from a former stripper that shares the story of how she willingly succumbs to the demands of her much older boss who leads her into promiscuity and addictive sex as she becomes his mistress. In the book, readers get to learn first-hand how her employer’s demands for private, seductive striptease performances progressed into a master-slave relationship which ultimately wrecks her marriage.

Angel-Jane Valentine (the author’s stage name and not her real name – to protect her identity and that of people close to her) began stripping to earn money which she desperately needed after her alcoholic husband squandered the family business through gambling and debt. Soon, her good looks attract the eager attention of her boss – an aging gangland villain. The two would then begin a stormy relationship that would open the door to a more sinister, fetish world of sadomasochism, domination and sexual control. 

The book allows readers to explore in-depth the relationship Angel-Jane develops with her boss in graphic detail, pulling no punches in describing his demands and the eventual consequences that follow. As the book progresses Angel-Jane reveals how she soon discovers that she is trapped and unable to escape from her powerful villain boss who is prepared to kill to keep her and how she eventually executes a cunning plan to escape from his clutches to pursue her goal in life and find true happiness.

The autobiography illustrates explicitly the depths to which some people are forced to delve in times of adversity. We also learn of Angel-Jane’s relationship with her mother, her acceptance of, and eventual enjoyment in, the sexual demands placed on her, and how the whole experience prepared her for a much happier life afterward.

The Stripper and Her Boss is a must-read for the avid non-fiction fan and it’s available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.

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