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The Hot Scientist Jessi Kopp

Meet this month’s cover star Jessi Kopp / @hellcat_jessi

Welcome to FHM, Jessi! Do you have any thrilling plans for the year? Thrilled to be here! 2024’s looking busy with horse competitions, NWA Wrestling, and more modeling gigs on the horizon.

Who’s been a major influence in your life? A tough pick, but I’d say my college professor, Thomas Hickson. He sparked my passion for geology, teaching me to observe the world and seek higher truths. His guidance has been invaluable. 

How do you define your personal style? Bold and eclectic! Whether I’m in cowboy boots or glam on the red carpet, I love mixing styles. Recently, I’ve been leaning towards chic business wear for my corporate side. 

Favorite travel spot? I’m torn between the wilds of the Boundary Waters for outdoor adventures and the charming town of Alberaccin in Spain for its history, solitude, and amazing food and wine. Both fuel my love for exploration and discovery. 

Any hobbies outside of modeling and science? I’m all about variety – from tinkering with muscle cars to managing a wrestling show and even playing professional women’s football. Plus, running my equestrian business, Nova Ranch, is a grounding force for me. 

How do you balance your personal life and career? Chase what lights your fire and throw yourself into it. Multi-tasking and planning help me juggle my diverse interests, keeping burnout at bay by switching things up. 

Dream project or campaign? I’m keen on making horsemanship more accessible. Planning “DIY” content for horse enthusiasts to make this sport more attainable for everyone. 

Your idea of a great time? Anything adventurous – from riding ATVs, exploring new cities, to hiking to a secluded campsite. 

Can you share about your near-death experience? A shocking horse kick led to severe injuries and a miraculous survival. It was a life-changing ordeal that underscored my will to live and reshaped my focus on self-love and embracing life fully. 

What’s your day job like? As a Geoscientist, I delve into Earth’s mysteries through geology and geophysics, piecing together puzzles with sometimes scarce data. It’s thrilling, especially when drilling tests our theories. 

How did science capture your interest? Curiosity about the natural world led me to geology in college. One class in, and I was hooked, eventually mapping terrains, collecting samples, and publishing my findings. 

Would you rather be loved, respected, or admired? Definitely loved. Love naturally brings respect and admiration. 

What’s next for your fans? Get ready for a summer of horse competitions, NWA wrestling on the CW, and new modeling projects, especially in LA. 

Where can readers follow you? Catch all my latest adventures on IG hellcat_jessi.