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Today we’d like to introduce to you Aliya, a Los Angeles meditation coach and meditation research advocate! 

Aliya has been doing one on one and couples meditation coaching sessions since 2013. After having what’s called a spontaneous kundalini rising in 2010, she went on a research journey to discover more about Kundalini Meditation. Aliya strongly believes that everyone can meditate and should for the long list of health benefits including better sleep and improved brain function. Meditation can even strengthen your immune system, she notes. Aliya recently started working with a brand she fully believes in and drinks every day, BLK water. BLK has fulvic minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and electrolytes. Aliya believes this is the best drink to remove toxins from the body, especially after a long meditation session. 

In the midst of the pandemic she has continued doing sessions through her website remotely over zoom or Skype. “As a meditation coach, I have one goal in mind, to guide those who seek to strengthen their bodies and live a life of purpose and well-being through meditation. Whether you’re experiencing pain, stress, anxiety, or simply want to improve your mental state, I’m here to help you become the best version of you that you can be through meditation.” Aliya has made it her mission to guide those that seek to awaken kundalini and enter the doorway to deeper insight by applying meditation to their daily lives.

When did you first learn about meditation? Probably as a kid, I used to joke with my sister and hum as if chanting mantras and making the gyan mudra hand gesture. I must have seen it in cartoons but I had no idea about it other than that.

What’s a kundalini rising? A kundalini rising or kundalini awakening is when you awaken an inner energy at the base of the spine and rise this energy up through each chakra, going up the spine, until you reach your head and third eye area. Then you release the energy back out into the universe.

Wow, that sounds intense. How old were you when you experienced this? I was just 19 years old, which I have been told is a crazy young age to have such an experience on your own, without a guru or meditation teacher. There’s actually a name for it, it’s called a “spontaneous kundalini rising.” 

Interesting, and how did you know what to do? It’s funny I had seen a chart showing the chakra system on the body about a month before. But I actually had no prior knowledge of Kundalini or meditation at all. It kind of just came to me. And I felt like I was on autopilot. A friend of mine in India told me it’s possible I had a past life as a guru and that’s how I intuitively knew what to do. I’m not sure of the latter, but it definitely felt natural to me and I went with the flow of what my body and brain were trying to do. 

Fascinating! So, do you think anybody can have a kundalini rising? Yes, I do! I strongly believe that anyone is capable of awakening their kundalini and rising it up through their body. Whether you are mediating alone, with a coach, a friend or a guru it is definitely possible! 

Were you alone when you had yours? No, I actually met up with a friend and was able to sit in meditation with them and push my rising on to them. Chakra to chakra, all the way up. So, I essentially gave my meditation partner a kundalini rising, without their kundalini energy having been awakened yet. I just pushed my kundalini energy on to their chakras and we rose the energy up together. It was probably the most memorable experience of my life. 

Did you take any herbs or psychedelics to trigger the kundalini? No. And I actually detest people who say they have risen their kundalini after doing drugs. It’s not necessary. Our bodies were meant to do this on their own. No herb or drug is needed to induce a kundalini rising. I encourage people to start meditating early in the morning when they wake up or right before bed. With practice, a full kundalini rising can be accomplished. 

What are the benefits of meditation and kundalini rising meditation? Well, mediation alone has several benefits including improved sleep, better brain function, stronger immune system, reducing stress, reducing age related memory loss and decreasing blood pressure. And a kundalini rising from meditation I believe increases intuition and may heal diseases like cancer. 

Why do you think Kundalini might be a cure for cancer? Because when I experienced my kundalini rising it felt like electricity was running through and energizing each of my cells. Like a total body cleanse. And I had a deeper intuitive understanding of this that I cannot explain. That’s why imma huge advocate for more research of kundalini risings and its effects on the brain and diseases. 

Very cool! How often do you meditate? I try to meditate every morning, and in the sunlight if I can. Usually with a crystal or 2 besides me. 

What are your favorite crystals to meditate with? I love my Nirvana Quartz also called Himalayan Ice Quartz! It was hidden under ice caps in the Himalayas for thousands of years and only recently available due to some of the ice melting. Another favorite is my Orange Elestial Quartz sphere, also from the Himalayas. 

How did you start drinking BLK Water? I discovered it in the grocery store years ago because I was fascinated by fulvic minerals and already trying to get them by incorporating chlorella powder into my water every morning. After trying BLK I realized it was the easiest and best tasting way to get fulvic minerals into my diet. 

What are fulvic minerals and what are their health benefits? Fulvic compounds are found in plants and soil in the highly nutritious humus layer of the earth. An ancient, naturally-occurring part of the botanical cycle, they have been shown to help the human body effectively break down, absorb, and transport key nutrients. As for health benefits, research reveals that fulvic may boost immune and brain health, as well as combat inflammation, improve gut health and strengthen hair, skin and nails. 

What’s your advice for people who are trying to get into meditation but having trouble? Trust your body and trust your mind. There is no right or wrong way to approach meditation, everyone is different. Try listening to healing 432 Hz meditation music on YouTube to focus, quiet your mind and focus on your breath. Even if you just take 2 minutes out of your day to take deep breaths in and out 10 times, that’s a great start!


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