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Skylar & Tracy Lear – Siblings of Success

with FHM Canada December 2023 cover stars Skylar & Tracy Lear

Tracy Lear / @ecommercebeautyqueen

Skylar Lear / @skylarlear

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In the incredibly, interesting world of the dynamic duo siblings, Tracy and Skylar Lear the words Beauty, Business and Blood definitely come to mind! The fact is that these three words are the motto that these two siblings live by. They have come from a long line of family businesses and have made their own marks in the Business World. They are mostly known for their work in e-commerce, Technology, Filmography, Production, and the Digital Creator space. The Siblings are featured on As Seen on TV as well as Forbes and other major media outlets. They complement each other by respecting and representing both a man’s and a woman’s perspective in their business ventures and representing family values. Both siblings are dedicated to helping others succeed through coaching and advising others to always strive to be their “Best Selves”. The sky is the limit for these two as they continue to venture into the business world.

Tracy Lear is a highly educated, inventive, and creative woman who is a multi-talented American Actress, Model, Producer, Life Coach, Nutritional Counselor, and Beauty and Ecommerce Entrepreneur. In film, Tracy is confirmed on official IMDb, in commercials, music videos, movies as well as reality TV shows as an Actress, Model, and Film Producer. She’s had the privilege of working with and knowing some of the best in the film industry. Tracy Lear was born in Kentucky and resides in a few different locations as business demands her. She had a passion for being in the entertainment industry at a young age, where she had an interest in both modeling stage and cinema. By high school, Tracy Lear started modeling professionally and became spotted in commercials and multiple musical videos. With many years of experience in the entertainment industry, Tracy has starred in many roles, and modeling campaigns, graced red carpet events, and has produced hit films in the industry! Tracy also has many successful business ventures with Skylar Lear her brother.

Tracy Lear and Skylar Lear, a sibling powerhouse duo, have created a premium skincare line called ‘VoilaVe’. The name means There you go. Here it is. Their products earn rave reviews as they approach the world of everything organic and healthy. Customers who have tried the products have called them “Excellence in a Bottle”. The skincare line has also recently been featured on AS Seen On TV! Owning multiple private label brands and wholesale brands online they also highlight some of their business ventures in the Tech Industry. Tracy’s ultimate plan is to be a female leader in Technology and Ecommerce. Her coaching and teaching others is also a passion of hers as she wants to guide others on how to “Take Flight” on their goals and dreams as well. She believes her family, brother Skylar, mother Diane, and father Richard are the most important things to her. She enjoys spending time with them, her fur babies (Jax and Tut), significant others, and close friends by traveling and exploring new destinations in her free time. 


Ryan Skylar Lear is not only a bodybuilder, but also an entrepreneur, model, travel enthusiast, and athlete. He was born in America to Richard and Diane Lear and has a sister, Tracy Lear, with whom, he co-owns a skincare brand, VoilaVe, which focuses on products that are cruelty-free and organic. He has written many articles on fitness and health care that are published in “Men’s Fitness” and the online magazine “Thrive Global”. His motto is Never Give Up. He and his sister are the owners of Emagine Products USA and TLSLBrands.

Gifted with both brains and charm, he is a philanthropist at the core whose major goal is to give back to as many people as he can and help them better their lives. Ryan grew up in Elizabethtown Kentucky and graduated from North Hardin High School. His journey toward greatness began back when he was offered to play football at the University of Louisville. As someone who loved sports with a passion, he accepted the offer and played as the quarterback. Academically, he decided to major in exercise science and became an NCSF-certified personal trainer. After being a personal trainer for a couple of years, Ryan decided to expand and opened his gym with his sister. After only two short years, the gym was voted as the best workout facility in Kentuckiana! After the gym business, the hard-working pair of siblings wanted to discover new grounds and tackle something even bigger, with a much larger audience. As they were looking at different businesses and companies, they found a multi-brand e-commerce-based company that specialized in skincare/haircare products. VoileVe!! Always staying grounded at his core he has been able to diversify in many business opportunities while remaining true to his creative side by creating the wonderful VoilaVe Argan Man and other great products which have helped others reach their skincare goals.