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How to Increase Social Media Engagement with a Creative Suite

Social media platforms are so much more diverse in 2023 than they were at inception, and their popularity and reach have completely changed the face of online environments. While those not leveraging their capabilities will be significantly missing out, the fact that you can find content for almost any need at your fingertips (and from a host of pages and providers) can make it incredibly difficult to get established as an influential voice or trusted brand. Engagement is going to be the top way to ensure that you have the impact you really want and utilizing the tools incorporated in a creative suite to edit photos and videos will significantly improve your efforts.

Top ways to boost engagement with a creative suite 

The first thing to do is find a creative suite that has all of the necessary tools to meet your content creation needs. One of the leading options on the market right now is CapCut, for its cutting-edge AI approach, lightweight suite, and accessibility for users of all skill levels; all combined with the fact that it’s entirely free to use.

Let’s take a look at the tools on offer and the capabilities when boosting engagement:

Cutting, trimming, and resizing tools 

When photos and videos need editing, the first place many users start is with cutting, trimming, and resizing. These can actually prove to be some of the most time intensive aspects of content creation, as normal websites will require users to interact with their tools via toggles, sliders, and similar. With the CapCut AI, this isn’t the case; all you’ll need to do is drag and drop your file, set some simple parameters, and let the AI take care of the rest.

Photo and video templates 

When creating content, a template can be a great way to build cohesive collections and take time and effort out of the equation. When using this creative suite, there are thousands of photo and video options that are fully customizable to meet every need. The array of editable features will help to build impactful brand messages, give audiences a strong sense of the individual or business, and make content more shareable/interactive.

Music and sound effects. Multi-track editing

CapCut also has a fantastic collection of music and sound effects alongside multi-track editing capabilities; all of which are open-source and royalty free for peace of mind. These can be the top aspects to consider when creating highly engaging content, as they can foster a deep emotional connection for video footage and evoke emotions that cause viewers to like, share, and click through.

Auto captions and background removal 

These two tools help to flesh out the creative suite, so that users won’t need to click away to perform other functions. As modern audiences now have more diverse needs in terms of when and where they watch videos, those with the additional layer of captioning are being prioritized, not to mention the fact that text can reinforce messages without having to do extra work. Background removal can help to ensure that content is safe to view and complies with product placement regulations, all while maintaining a sensitive approach to different viewerships.

Start your journey with a creative suite right now

While singular tools like the CapCut YouTube video editor will have their place, a creative suite can ensure that content is created fast and at a professional level from the ground up. The unrivaled level of potential for engagement that can be had from beautifully edited photos and videos should be the driving factor when choosing the right tools for your itinerary – so why not create a free account with CapCut today?