It's a Guy Thing

Queen of Cosplay

Photography by Brian B. Hayes – @brianbhayes_photos

PR by 917PR – @917pr

Makeup by Andrew Saint Andrew – @andrewsaintandrew

Swimwear by ZAFUL

Meet the vivacious Holly Wolf. When this gorgeous woman isn’t gaming or getting ready for her next photoshoot she’s enjoying a good cosplay session or relaxing at home watching her favorite animes. “I also love movies and video games, and I spend a lot of time watching and playing! Oh and makeup and tech goodies… ugh love them!” she says.

Hey Holly, you’re looking absolutely amazing, anyway, could you tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re from and where you grew up? Well, as you know my name is Holly Wolf, I’m a girl from Canada, who loves video games, art, and traveling! I grew up in a smaller city about an hour north of Toronto, and went to college for musical theater! I’ve been trained in dance, singing, and acting, and love to be creative whenever possible! I lived in the city of Toronto for many years, while traveling all around the world to places such as Italy, Spain, and the Philippines! 

What are some of your favorite hobbies or interest besides modeling? I love cosplay and have made my passion into a large part of my career, along with modeling and creating content! I also love to garden, I recently bought a house, and have been working hard to make my new garden space look as gorgeous as possible… it also doubles as a pretty place for photoshoots in the summer! 

How did your career in modeling start? Like I have mentioned, I studied the arts and spent years after college in a dance company that traveled and did events all across Canada and internationally. I toured with musicals and worked on TV shows and movies. I started casually shooting more, as I often needed new headshots for acting, and I slowly decided I wanted to dive into modeling, and it all just kind of flowed from there! 

What was the most memorable moment in your modeling career? That’s a tricky one, as I’ve been able to do so many things and travel to so many stunning locations! I would say shooting my cover for Playboy Philippines, as it’s my favorite country to visit, and I had been there about six times before I was offered a cover. I was lucky enough to be involved in the creative direction of the shoot, and even sourced the clothes and location! At the end of it all.. we had a huge fashion show and launch party for the cover. It was an amazing experience! 

It looks like you have traveled the world doing photoshoots, could you share some of your most memorable destinations and experiences? Other than what I’ve just mentioned, I will say I had the most amazing time in France. I was able to travel there for the Cannes Film Festival. Shooting at stunning villas, and the drive into Monaco was easily one of the most beautiful views! I’ve also shot in a bikini in the Switzerland Alps, which was a beautiful experience! 

What is the scariest moment while in another country for a photoshoot? Oh, In Switzerland. I was shooting with horses in a stable and one of them decided they wanted to try and bite my hand off. I swear I almost lost my pinky finger, I had to spend about three minutes gently tapping the side of the horse’s head to distract him and try to slip my finger out when he loosened his grip. Let’s just say I couldn’t shoot for the rest of the day. And my finger took a while to recover. 

Can you tell our readers what your FHM photoshoot was like? It was so wonderful! We ventured for a solid hour outside of Vegas to this stunning sand dune and took our time shooting in and around it. I must say, there were giant horseflies, and I was a treat for them I’m sure. I had to constantly try and swat a few away that were coming for my booty! Other than that, it was lovely, as you can see the shots and the landscape are stunning. I’m so lucky to be traveling to so many amazing and beautiful natural locations. 

You have so many gorgeous photos on your IG, do you find that lots of guys are sliding into your DMs? Thank you! And yes, I do get a lot of messages! I will be honest, for the most part, I just ignore them. If someone can’t form a full sentence as a conversation starter I have no desire in engaging! I may be a pretty model on the internet… but if you have nothing interesting to say well, why would I talk to you!? 

What should a guy never do via social media? Oh gosh, that’s an easy one, send a dick pic or video. That’s the number one rule. Other than that, one-liners are pretty lame, and asking girls to send them photos: that’s what my Instagram literally is… why would I want to send a random man on the internet MORE images?

We see that you are always doing photoshoots and that you’re such a hard worker. Can you share with our readers anything exciting you have planned for the future? I have so much! I plan certain shoots months in advance, sometimes up to a year! As you might see, I do cosplay, and certain outfits can take months to source and fund, and finding the perfect locations can also be tedious. I also have large plans for my house and garden, including a gorgeous new sunroom. By the way, I do a lot of the house renos myself! So it’s a lot of work! 

Do you like any sports and do you have any favorite teams or players? Sadly, I do not. I must be honest, I think sports are great, but I do so much that I am so far removed from the world of sports. I live for home improvement, woodworking and construction, so I would say that all takes the place of sports and something that is generally more masculine. 

What would your best “date night” be like? I love food, so honestly, a great spot to eat with a great atmosphere is lovely. I’m a pretty chill girl, something good to eat, and an inviting feel and I’m good to go. Conversation is always key – talking about video games and anime is a bonus.

What do you, or don’t you, like most about men? That’s such a strange question, as no man is the same! I don’t like men or people that are selfish in general. So let’s just say that. I will be honest, I’m not single, I’m engaged to the most wonderful human, and he’s literally my perfect partner in every way. I met him in the Philippines while touring and it was clearly meant to be. 

How can our millions of readers continue to follow you on social media? They can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or Twitch @hollytwolf for all my latest news and updates! I also have my own website which is and a YouTube channel @hollywolftv.