It's a Guy Thing

Popping Bottles

The more things change, the more they stay the same and nothing could be more true with alcoholic beverages, cocktails, and mixers. We’re all aware that gin has been a growing staple in bars across the world for a few years now spawning new brands from celebrities and long-term distilleries alike and there’s no sign of that trend stopping anytime soon, be it this year or next. 

But it’s still interesting to see some of our bar shelf favorites still holding their own in terms of popularity, variety, and taste. Be it whiskey, vodka or rum, there’s something to mix up for everyone.

One thing is certain though, people prefer quality over quantity and there’s a noticeable shift away from over-the-top sugary drinks to more healthier options. Cocktails and mixes are also moving back to the more traditional staples and the ‘trusty old favorites’ are coming back strong (no pun intended) and that’s a move we’re happy to toast to, on the rocks of course.

Simple makes a comeback!

Handcrafted cocktails are all the rage, so the fewer tricks and garnishes, the better. Avoid excess where possible and on focus on classics like the screwdriver, mojito and long island ice-tea. And if you’re hosting at home, with that special somebody, why not throw in a sex on the beach for good measure. Enjoy! 


By far the simplest to make, and some might say, healthy too. You can’t go wrong with one of these tasty babies!

You’ll Need

1fl.oz (30ml) vodka

6fl.oz (180) orange juice

Pour the orange juice followed by a single shot of vodka into a glass with no ice. It doesn’t get simpler than this buddy! For a more flavorful experience throw in a shot of Galliano aperitif – thank us later.


Treat yourself, cause that’s what every mojito truly is, happiness in a glass. It’ll take a little more time to make than the screwdriver and you won’t be able to just chug it down, but if you’ve had a good day, then there’s no better way to end it!

You’ll Need

Half a lime cut into 4 wedges

5 fresh mint leaves

Tablespoon of sugar

2fl.oz (60ml) spiced rum

soda water to top up

Put the lime, mint leaves and sugar into a glass and mash with the bottom of a wooden spoon. Place them at the bottom of the glass, fill with crushed ice, add rum and top up with soda water. Delicious. 

Long Island Ice-tea

Remember how we mentioned to mojito as a reward for a well-spent day? Well, the long island is the opposite, intended for those ‘I need a drink’ days. With a strong dose of a few spirits, the long island ice-tea will have you chilled in no time!

You’ll Need

1fl.oz (30ml) spiced rum

1fl.oz (30ml) vodka

1fl.oz (30ml) gin

1fl.oz (30ml) tequila

1fl.oz (30ml) lime juice

Cola to top up

Mix all of the ingredients together and pour into a tall glass with ice and top up with cola, serve and enjoy! 


Sex on the Beach

This is for those significant others out there. It’s not fair to cater to one’s self, especially in the company of others. If you’re looking to end a romantic evening on a softer note then prepare this popular favorite and who knows, there might be more ‘sex’ to follow!

You’ll Need

6fl.oz (180ml) cranberry juice

3fl.oz (90ml) orange juice

2.5fl.oz (75ml) vodka

2.5fl.oz (75ml) peach schnapps.

Mix all of the ingredients and some crushed ice in a shaker then pour into a glass and enjoy!