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with FHM UK March 2022 Cover Star Juju Bianchi / @justjujuxo

I am Juju Bianchi, a Brazilian model and fashion designer living in Miami, USA, for the last 2 years and New York for 8 years. I graduated in fashion design in Brazil in 2013 and became a model in 2017.

Photography by Olly Vento / @olllyvento

MUA Juliana / @mymakeupmiami

PR by LA Media Group / @la.mediagroup 

Such an absolute honor to have you on FHM! What are the plans this year for you?  The honor is all mine! I was always a huge fan of FHM. I can say I started 2022 with the right foot! I am getting published in FHM what? This is so exciting.

What are you most looking forward to this year? Launch my bikini line, spend some time with friends and family and be in a reality show.

Top 3 best moments of your career? My 3 other publications for playboy penthouse and Volo, Music video I made with Future. I always admire him as a rapper when he started.

What would you say is your signature look? My Apartment which I bought with the money of my work. I feel proud of myself for achieving it.

What is the fastest way to get a smile on your face? I have always been very independent, everything I have in my life I got it all by myself. Of course, nobody gets somewhere all alone, let’s say I had some help from some angels but everything I pretty much got by myself. Sometimes when I can’t find the strength I just remember from where I came from and where I got, and I remember I got somewhere because I never gave up and the best way to do that is to have a good relationship with your inner self. 

What are some of your favorite outdoor activities? I love hiking, doing some yoga on the beach, cycling, paddle boarding, watch a beautiful sunset 

3 ultimate deal-breakers when it comes to men? lack of etiquette: I’m not expecting manners fit from the royal family but act appropriately, I want a gentleman not a caveman.Cheap: We all want to save money but counting Pennies is embarrassing. Obsessed with money: Don’t try too hard to impress people let people get impressed with you. No one likes a materialistic person or being treated like a trophy.

Never have I ever…? Never have I ever actually laughed out loud when typing lol.

Top 3 myth busters when it comes to models?  I don’t like when people think Models are airheads, dumb and shallow. You have to be size 0 to be a model. All models are anorexic or bulimic blah blah blah. 

What is the best way to approach you as an admirer? Know what you want to say and say it well. You only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention so make the most of it.

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? Instagram and Twitter.

We are so happy to have gotten to know you a little bit! Any last words out there for our readers? I want to thank everyone who supports me and admires my work! I love you all and keep tuned for more.