It's a Guy Thing


With FHM Canada January 2022 cover star Melisa Gun /@drmelisagunn

Photography by @iya_shengelia_photographer

Stylist: @evgeniysonev

Mua: @levchenko_beauty

Hair: @sv_atelier

Dress: @marchuk_irina_

Melisa, such an absolute honor to have you on the January cover of FHM Canada! Congratulations on being crowned Miss New York US Nation 2021, what was that experience like for you? And I’m glad to meet you too! Thanks for the question and congratulations. I still remember with awe this day and in general the whole preparation for the competition. Then I perfectly understood that the struggle for the crown would not be easy as each woman came to win. For such a competition, some special demands were put forward: you have to present yourself beautifully from the stage, have good looks and, of course, be smart and wise. And if you have all this, the victory is yours. Having received the crown, I did not even think about popularity (although it came to me immediately). What experience was that for me? Definitely priceless.

You’re on your journey to taking part in the Miss Nation Universe crown, talk to us a little about that? Of course! Preparation for all beauty contests, including Miss Nation Universe, takes enough time. There are no secrets: I add more sports, I try to eat less sweet (it turns out difficult), I go to the procedures. And so life continues and no one cancelled the work. All I can do, I do/(I’m doing everything I can). And only the jury has the right to decide who is more worthy of receiving the title of the most beautiful and successful woman.

Top 3 best moments of your career? There were many of them, so it is difficult to single out only three. These are covers for top magazines such as GRAZIA, Harper’s Bazaar, FHM, LAZIN, GMARO, Playboy, TOUCH, L’Officiel. Also victories in beauty contests, travelings, acquaintances with talented people (designers, photographers, artists, businessmen). My modeling career is rapidly going up and I am not going to stop there. Going purposefully to success is like shooting at targets: it is worth shooting down one, as several more immediately appear. Such rapid changes present me with more and more obstacles. Therefore, I get true pleasure when I get up to work or go to another interview every morning. After all, all the thrill is in the process, and not in victories (although this is also nice).

What would you say gives you a unique edge in the Pageant industry? Commitment. Whatever beauty you are, but if you are lazy to follow the figure, there is no desire to go to the shoot or it is difficult to be constantly active, then your beauty will not help you. In this regard, I am demanding on myself, and sometimes even too much. If I have a goal, then I will achieve this in any way (exceptionally honest).

You currently live in New York, have you ever been to Canada, and if so what did you enjoy most about it? I have never been to Canada before, but I think I’ll soon implement this plan. It seems to me that this country is simply created for traveling. Chic beaches, fjords – only for the sake of this should you come to visit. I would love to visit Niagara Falls, CNN Tower in Toronto, Old Montreal, Fundi Bay, Athabasca Falls, and the famous Rocky Mountains.

What are some of your favorite things to do? All my conscious life, I go in for sports and lead a mobile lifestyle. Being active is my motto. But my list of hobbies is significant: equestrian sports, tactical shooting, rafting, and chess, playing the piano, parachuting, and often going in for winter swimming. Nowadays, almost every woman has a hobby. I believe that this type of activity helps the girl to develop comprehensively and fully. In addition to all my hobbies, I have a job I devote a lot of time to. Especially considering the fact that I am a doctor, and this is primarily a responsibility to people and their loved ones. Based on this, I am constantly gaining experience on the path I have chosen advanced training, seminars, lectures, webinars. At this stage, I am on the finish line – the last year of my studies at the university remains. Further in the plans – to enter the faculty of neurosurgery.

3 ultimate deal-breakers when it comes to men? Their greediness, implementation failure in a career, and lack of education. To this list, I’ll add insensitivity, arrogance, predictability. For example, I am not interested in dealing with a man who does not develop, since I am the exact opposite – I never sit still and I am not content with small ones. All the listed qualities will immediately turn me away from the man, even if he is very beautiful and good at courtship.

What did yet get up to over the holidays? I’m looking forward to the New Year holidays and there are several reasons for this. Well, firstly, this is exactly the time when you can breathe out a little, spend time with loved ones or go on vacation. I’ll say this, everything fades into the background when I am with my family – with my mother, sister, and son. And, I always try to make the New Year not just a holiday, but real magic for my little gentleman. You know, by this example, I teach him the important qualities that a real man should have – respect and love his current and future family, make them pleasant surprises for the holidays or just for no reason. I hope that I do well. Now I just enjoy the moment and the New Year’s atmosphere in the city: everything is decorated with garlands, street fairs are with tasty food and mulled wine. It seems that at such moments you are momentarily returning to childhood and enjoying this pleasant festive fuss.   

Top moments and highlights you had last year? The passing year was very busy. I want to remember these moments and share them with you. Let’s start from the beginning: my interview and cover for Harper’s Bazaar. I can’t describe in words those emotions when I was offered to cooperate with one of the top magazines around the world. A special thank you to the talented team of professionals who made me a shoot and conducted an interview. The next important stage in my life is a large-scale show at Miami Fashion Week 2021, where top designers showed their collections. And, of course, Ms. Transcontinental 2022 in Atlanta. I won the title of Ms. “Inspiration,” a successful woman who inspires. It was this project that gave me not only important experience but also acquaintance with interesting and successful women. The program was bright: interviews, daily trips to insanely beautiful cultural sites and sights, but the Baby House forever left a mark in my heart.

What are you most looking forward to this year?  No matter how corny it sounds, I wish myself health, as well as all my loved ones. Now I am actively preparing for new competitions, where I want to give all 100 percent. I pursue a rapid advance in my studies and career in the new year. Of course, in addition to this, I have my own plans, which I do not want to share yet. I am for what you need to immediately take and do, and not just talk. Therefore, if something important happens to me you will find out first (Smiling).

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? Recently, I have become a very active Instagram user. That’s where you can watch my life. By the way, now my Direct is literally breaking up, I receive a lot of messages from my subscribers. Unfortunately, due to my constant employment and lack of free time, I rarely answer. But I am always glad to new people and grateful for such activity to those who have been with me for more than a year.                       

We are so happy to have gotten to know you a little bit! Any last words out there for our readers? I wish you, dear readers, to realize yourself in every sense. Let the passing year go by with ease and open your thoughts and heart to meet new achievements. Let 2022 give you new achievements and success, as well as unforgettable emotions and amazing impressions. Remember that it is you who are capable of much, only you need to attach desire and hard work to this.