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Latest NBA Standings and Rankings

The 2023−24 National Basketball Association (NBA) season is officially underway, and what a remarkable event it’s been so far. It launched on October 24, 2023, is set to run until April 14, 2024, and is the 78th season of the NBA so far. There are 30 teams in the rankings, split in half across the sport’s Eastern and Western Conferences.

The NBA standings and rankings are used by sites like Bovada to provide the most up-to-date information about which teams are leading or trailing behind. In this article, we’ll explore the two Conferences in turn, identifying stats for each of the 30 teams.

Eastern Conference

The NBA’s Eastern Conference features 15 world-famous basketball teams.


Wizards currently sit at 15th in the Eastern Conference. But don’t let that dissuade you from rooting for them. Though they have faced 54 defeats, they have won 11 matches.


Just ahead of Wizards are Pistons at 53 losses and 11 wins. Perhaps their upcoming matches can turn things around for the team.


Steve Clifford’s efforts as head coach have put Hornets in an admirable 13th place in the NBA Eastern Conference rankings. With 16 wins and 49 losses, they have a Win% of .246.


With 23 wins and 42 losses, Raptors are making progress in their pursuit for the top 10, despite being on a losing streak of 4 matches. Can this strong team of players turn their fortunes around?


With 26 wins in the bag going some way to counter their 39 losses, Nets are just one place away from that all-important top 10. This is a Brooklyn team that’s passionate about jumping in the rankings.


Entering the top 10, at 29 wins to 35 losses, can this strong Atlanta team climb any higher before the season is over?


Despite having a player called Andrew Funk, Chicago Bulls haven’t been in much of a funk this NBA season. In fact, they’re placed 9th in the rankings table—a result of their fantastic 31−34 win-loss ratio.


This Miami team knows how to play basketball. They’ve won 35 games this 2023−24 NBA season, compared to 29 losses. They’re the first team on this list to have won more games than lost.


With 36 wins and 29 losses, the 76ers are a team to watch. What can Tyrese Maxey, KJ Martin, and Mo Bamba bring to the court in the final weeks of the season?


Just missing out on a top 5 spot, Indiana Pacers have won 37 games and lost 29.


In position 5 with a Win% of .569 are Magic. They’ve won 37 games this NBA season and lost 28.


Knicks are on a high at number 4 in the rankings, with 11 more wins than losses. Their win-loss ratio is 38−27.


An All-Star team has propelled Cavaliers into third position in the NBA ranking for 2023/24. They’ve won almost double as many games as they’ve lost at 41−24.


In second place right now, with a 42−24 win-loss ratio, Bucks are fighting hard for that top spot. Their Win% is .636.


At the very top of the Eastern Conference rankings is Celtics, with an unbelievable 51 wins under their belt. Compared with just 14 losses, this is pretty remarkable, to say the least.

Western Conference

The NBA’s Western Conference ranking features 15 world-famous basketball teams.


With a win-loss ratio of 14−52, Spurs currently place 15th on the NBA Western Conference rankings.

Trail Blazers

Scoot Henderson, Head Coach Chauncey Billups, and a strong team of great players head up Portland Trail Blazers. They’re 14th in the table, with a win-loss ratio of 18−46.


This NBA basketball team is ranked above Trail Blazers, with 23 wins and 43 losses this season.


Utah Jazz have an impressive Win% of .431, with 28 total wins and 37 losses this NBA 2023/24 season.


Just missing out on the top 10 right now, Rockets have propelled themselves into an admirable position with 30 wins and 35 losses.


In position 10 on the ranking table are Warriors, with a 34−30 win-loss ratio.


Lakers sit just ahead of Warriors in the all-important NBA rankings, with 36 wins against 30 losses.


37 wins counteract 28 losses for Mavericks, led by Head Coach Jason Kidd and featuring star player Luka Doncic.


In position 7 in the NBA 2023/24 Western Conference are Kings. With a Win% of .578 and a win-loss ratio of 37−27, this is a team worth rallying behind.


Just shy of the top 5 are Suns, with 38 wins against 27 losses and a Win% of .585.


A deserved top 5 spot for Pelicans, with an impressive 39 wins and only 25 losses.


This NBA team has won almost twice as many games as they’ve lost, with a win-loss ratio of 41−23. 


Minnesota’s much-loved Timberwolves are performing well in third place, all achieved as a result of 45 wins against 21 losses.


A 45−20 win-loss ratio has seen Nuggets rise to second place in the NBA 2023/24 Western Conference.


Sports fans will love cheering on Oklahoma City Thunder, who currently sit in the number one spot. This impressive team has won 45 games this season, only losing 20.