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MORE GreedFall

The highly anticipated release of GreedFall which is the latest RPG from Spiders studio will take players on a journey to the mysterious and uncharted Island of Teer Fradee.

Forge your destiny by creating your character and picking your starting skills, attributes, and talents and carve your own path on your mystical adventures through Teer Fradee. Whether you choose to specialize or be a jack-of-all-trades there’s something for everyone with an innovative deep crafting system that allows you to customize equipment, tailor your character’s look and alter their stats to suit your playstyle.

Combat mechanics allow players to approach battle in their your own way. Subdue foes with heavy weapons, use your rapier to parry and riposte with flair, or control the battlefield using traps and magic. The optional tactical pause menu allows you to choose your next moves strategically.


Your party members will follow you into battle, but keep in mind that they are people with their own hopes, goals, and motives. Say or do the wrong thing and their loyalty to you could waver, or even turn entirely.

Your decisions will shape the future of the new world and the old, and so GreedFall provides you with the freedom to make them. Don the armor of an enemy faction to pose as one of their own or use your diplomatic talents to influence the powerful elite; these are just some of the opportunities you’ll be given in GreedFall.

GreedFall releases 10 September 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-orders are live now on all platforms.