It's a Guy Thing

For the Spidey Fans!


With an incredibly successful end to the Infinity War saga in Avengers Endgame, Marvel looks to a future without Tony Stark and Captain America and with Spider-Man: Far from Home we see the first venture into this new phase of Marvel movies. How will Peter Parker return to his normal life without the guidance of his father figure Tony Stark and will Spider-Man be strong enough to face a new enemy in a world without the Avengers?


The movie picks up after the harrowing events of Endgame, with a broken Peter Parker coming to terms with his loss. He is eventually convinced to join his best friends on a European vacation, desperately trying to put the past behind him and focus on his personal life. Everything seems to be going smoothly, he gets to explore the beauty of Europe and advance his relationship with the love of his life MJ. However, as per usual for the friendly neighborhood superhero things go awry when Nick Fury shows up to enlist Spider-Man’s help in defeating strange new Elemental forces intent on destroying the world. They partner up with a multiverse being known as Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, an Elemental expert from Earth-833 intent on stopping the destructive forces across multiple dimensions.


The Spider-Man franchise has been an oddball for years within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with numerous reboots and cast changes. The franchise only really settled down when Tom Holland was cast as the young superhero, truly capturing the unique struggles and personality of the comic book Spider-Man. With Homecoming, Marvel truly found their feet with the web-slinging hero and that trend continues with Far from Home. Spider-Man truly feels like a young teenager with incredible power but hamstrung by dealing with his everyday life dramas and juggling his school life with his superhero responsibilities. Again, we truly buy into the plight of Peter Parker who desperately wants to live a normal life but feels obligated to save the world. The introduction of Mysterio is also a pleasant surprise and the interaction between Gyllenhaal and Holland shines through the screen and is a worthy replacement to the Stark / Parker relationship.

Spider-Man: Far from Home does an incredible job of telling a new Spider-Man adventure, as well as setting up the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe post-Avengers.