It's a Guy Thing

Mesmerizing Beauty

with FHM France July 2024 cover star Erin / @misssirenkzoo

Photographer Rebecca Dexter

Hair Kali Reagan

Makeup Erick Gerson Rodriguez

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I am an entrepreneur who loves and appreciates her freedom of schedule I love to travel and when I’m home I’m a gym rat and a homebody.

What’s one thing about yourself that your fans might be surprised to learn? I’m a total spiritual Barbie and I meditate every day I believe fiercely in the law of attraction and being the creator of my reality manifesting is so much fun.

If you could choose one word to describe yourself what would it be, and why? Love …loving myself loving and romanticizing life and being loving in my relationships.

How would you describe your personal style, and how has it evolved over the years? Girly…my style was sporty most of my life and it’s evolved into getting dressed up any chance I get.

What does freedom of self-expression mean to you?  Being exactly who you are from your spirit to your job to your body and your style.

What are your go-to fashion and beauty essentials for a day of shooting or travel? My favorite moisturizer is loose clothes that don’t leave indents on my skin usually a dress a wide tooth comb and lipgloss.

Could you share some of your top travel tips for your followers? Always bring a cordless phone charger organize your purse for quick grab items like phone passport and lip gloss and bring another bag with the spare charger a notebook and pen if you are a writer like me sunscreen and a tripod.

What are your favorite ways to unwind and relax when you’re not working or traveling? A gym session with weight lifting or an hour of cardio followed by a salt bath and a warm shower my moisturizing routine silk pajamas a nutritious meal and mocktail/tea.

Are there any particular hobbies or interests outside of your influencer work that you’re passionate about? Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle I’ve been sober for over two years now and falling more in love with life daily I love to take walks outside or at the beach and submerge myself in nature.

What’s the most memorable date you’ve ever been on, and what made it stand out? My most memorable date this year was Valentine’s Day with my 6-year-old son the wait was over an hour for our favorite restaurant so we played UNO had snacks and watched Free Willy in the back of my Range Rover.

Can you share any exciting upcoming projects or collaborations you’re involved in? Right now I’m creating a lifestyle channel that I’m very excited about.

If you had to give your followers one piece of advice for leading a stylish and fulfilling life, what would it be? Dress up you feel better when you look better don’t save it for an occasion every day is special and happiness is the homework when we are happy we are tuned to the frequency of our desires.

Thanks so much for your time, Where can our readers follow you on social to stay updated on what you’re up to? @Misssirenkzoo and @Misssirenangel.