It's a Guy Thing

Head Over Heels

with FHM Canada November 2021 Cover Star Sarah P. Antonella / @sarahpantonella

Photography by Arthur St. John / @arthurstjohn

Hair: Estera Beauty

Makeup: Marissa Brajkovich

Welcome to FHM Canada! We are delighted to have you! How do you feel right now? I feel extremely honored and blessed to be the cover of FHM Canada. It’s always such an amazing feeling to see yourself on a cover of a magazine.

We notice there are two beautiful blondes posing with you, tell us who they are and why you chose them to be a part of this shoot… So these two lovely ladies have impacted my life in so many ways. Sarah Carlson is a Regulatory Quality Assistant for a Supplement Manufacturer. She loves fashion and design, has an extensive background in competitive dancing, and is very passionate about eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle. We’ve been lifelong friends practically sisters for over a decade. Shawnda I’ve known for a few years and is also a woman business owner. She also loves fashion and knows the ins and outs of the beauty industry. We both understand the hardships it can take to own your own business. Both have done so much for me so I wanted to thank them by including them.

Have you ever been to Canada? If yes, what part? If not, would you like to visit someday? Yes, I’ve been to Montreal a long time ago. I stayed at the Ritz Carlton there and had to have my fireplace and hot cocoa in the room when I got there.

Where do you live now? San Diego, CA.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Canada? Hockey. I was a figure skater growing up so anytime I hear Canada I think of that, the syrup, and the Canada goose jackets.

Are you romantic? Yes, I’m such a softie at the heart. Anyone that knows me well knows I fall for the cute little things. Whether it’s chocolate-covered strawberries, to sweet messages, or even asking if I’m okay. Those things mean the world to me.

Describe your perfect date… I love a quick trip with walks on the beach, romantic views, snuggles, little kisses everywhere… there’s nothing I love more than a man who puts me first in front of everything and everyone else.

Favorite food? Favorite drink? I love açaí bowls. I love food in general, but a good açaí bowl in the morning to start the day is exactly what I need. Favorite drink would be chamomile tea. I love to have that before I go to bed or at the end of every meal. I love to close off my meals with a sweet ending.

Favorite movie? Favorite style of music? I have two favorite movies. Green Book and UP. Green Book makes you realize how blessed we are. Really puts life in perspective. UP is just a sweet film, that really touches what love is to me, and the type of love I want in my life. My favorite style of music is old classics like Frank Sinatra. “Can’t keep my eyes off of you” will always be a love of mine. I also love soul music. Anything that is soft and sweet. If it sets the mood, I’m in heaven.

What is your best asset? I believe my best asset for looks is my eyes. I’ve been told many times they look exotic. If we’re talking personality, I believe my best asset is my sense of humor from time to time.

Which animal best describes you and why? I would say I’m like a butterfly and white baby bunny. Delicate, beautiful, and adventurous as a butterfly. Soft, cute, and cuddly as a bunny. 

Describe yourself using 3 adjectives… Loyal, loving, and passionate. If you have my heart I will be the most loyal, loving, and passionate person. For me, I only want to love once and forever to one person. 

Biggest pet peeve: I hate when promises are made and not kept. I’m a big quality time and physical touch person for my love languages. So when those things are disrupted I’m not a happy cookie. 

What are some of your goals in life you wish to accomplish? I want to create a legacy for my family and loved ones. I want to inspire others that no matter how hard life gets you can push through.

Where can our readers find you? or Instagram.