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Fortnite Champion’s EPIC Win

Since its release in 2017, the popular survival-shooter game Fornite created by Epic Games has become a global sensation.
The premise of the game is simple, players are dropped onto an island where they must eliminate other players and stay alive.

Finally, it was time to crown a global champion in an e-sports competition event where the winnings were more than just a top spot on the leaderboard but included cash prizes that were “literally” worth millions!

After 10 weeks of qualifiers, competitors flocked to the event held in New York where the developers of Fornite are estimated to have spent an astonishing $100 million on the event to see who would walk away with the shoot’em’up title of Fortnite’s king of ring – or in this case, king of the island.

An enthusiastic 16-year-old name Kyle Giersdorf AKA “Bugha” who has been playing Fortnite for two years snatched the title of Fortnite World Cup Winner and is now a whopping $3 Million richer – which is not a bad return on investment. Champions in the duo division using the pseudonyms “aqua” and Nyhrox” also basked in the glory with each winning a cool $1.5 million.

It’s got us thinking, that aside from being good fun, maybe video games are not a total waste of time after all!