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F1 2020

With the return of the world’s most exciting motorsport recently, F1 fans rejoiced as their speed freak heroes returned to continue the much delayed F1 2020 season. Sadly quite a few historic races have been canceled and with only eight events remaining in this season, yet all is not lost as Codemasters allows all the fans out there to recreate a full season thanks to the new F1 2020 game released for PS4, Xbox and PC. 

F1 2020 sees the series improve in almost every aspect, from better car handling to much improved graphics and car physics. But that’s not all that Codemasters have brought to the 2020 table. The biggest new addition is that of the brand new My Team game mode. This new mode allows players to create their very own F1 team to take on the giants of motor racing. You start from naming your team, choosing your preferred engine supplier as well as the liveries and team colors. From a technical perspective, the player manages research and development, engine suppliers, where to put financial resources including the hiring of a second driver, and the scheduling of training, technical improvements, and sponsor events. Of course, it’s not just about managing the team but also racing for the team, as you will take on the role of the Number One driver as well. It’s a fun and welcome addition to the series and although not as in-depth a management sim as some might have hoped for, it still gives the player a sense of control over their team and the chance to experience the pressures of managing a successful F1 team.

Other additions also see the arrival of split-screen racing, a new steering assist and a more accessible race experience means that you can enjoy the game with friends, no matter what your skill level. F1 2020 features all the official teams, drivers and 22 circuits, including the two brand new 2020 races at Hanoi Circuit and Circuit Zandvoort. F1 2020 also aims to make the game more accessible to newcomers. There’s a new Casual difficulty setup which makes the game much more forgiving, easing braking and cornering requirements to be less demanding for fresh players. Given that both F1 as a sport and racing games in general can struggle to get new fans on board, particularly young ones, it’s a much-needed addition for older F1 fans looking to pass on the torch.

F1 2020 is another solid release from Codemasters and improves in every single aspect of the game, making it a worthy upgrade from 2019. It is great to see a developer putting in real effort into their annual franchises unlike some other companies (here’s looking at you Madden). Fans of the heart pulsing motorsport will find a lot to love in F1 2020 and newcomers will feel welcomed into a series that has sometimes been overly complicated to the F1 layman.