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Elegance with an Edge

with FHM United Kingdom July 2024 cover star Kay Manuel /@Officialkaymanuell

Photographer Aaron Chan Chui / @mrchanchui

MUA Agnes / @agnestheartist

PR Ratnip Productions / @ratnipproductions

Such an absolute honour to have you on FHM! What is on the plans this year for you? Let’s start off by saying thank you for having me! This year is so jam-packed and full for me, a lot of international travel for photoshoots. My recent introduction to modeling has been absolutely incredible. I’ll be traveling to Thailand, Bali, the USA, and different parts of Europe for these shoots. Pinch me if you will! It’s all just been a whirlwind, so crazy.

What are you most looking forward to this year? This year, I’m really excited to be leveling up in my modeling career. This path was never something I thought I’d go down but I’m so very excited to embark on this journey and bring you guys along too.

Top 3 best moments of your career? So far in my career, I think the fact I’ve been doing a lot of TV and Radio interviews because of the Magazine covers is crazy. So being nationally recognised on Australia TV was definitely number 1. The second best would just be each and every time I step foot on a new country’s soil. I love traveling and this is allowing me to explore and learn more about the world. And lastly has to be the call I got when they said “They want you on FHM!” That to me was absolutely mental and I am so blessed to have this opportunity.

What would you say is your signature look? My signature look definitely has me wearing barely anything, maybe a bikini/swimsuit would be more my signature look. Something bright, neon maybe? I like to stand out and show off so anything that allows me to do that would represent me well.

What is the fastest way to get a smile on your face? Might make you laugh but the fastest way is honestly with a steak. Give me a medium rare steak and you won’t hear a peep out of me for a long time. Biggest smile on my face and a little grin when it comes out to show how excited I am.

What are some of your favorite outdoor activities? Living in Australia for most of my life, I am a beach girl at heart so laying in the sun tanning is one of my favorite outdoor activities although isn’t something I get to do very often as typically I’m working and traveling. I think you could also count traveling as an outdoor activity that I love to do. Don’t mind myself a first-class flight.

3 ultimate deal breakers when it comes to men? When It comes to men, is quite simple. All I have ever asked in a partner is that they be honest. I’m a very open person when it comes to relationships and even sexually. I’ve done multiple different forms of relationships and if someone is honest with me that’s all I can ask of them. If they don’t have that they can “bugger” off (in Australian slang) Something that I think is quite common with a lot of girls these days is height. I am already on the taller side (5’9”) for a woman so if you aren’t 6 foot and above you could probably say it’s gonna be a deal breaker. My last deal breaker is if the man doesn’t have the work ethic and visions/aspirations for the future. I want that man to be planning for our future as I am for us. I don’t want I man who doesn’t want to create a future for us and who doesn’t work alongside me.

Never have I ever? I have never been to a frat party. As an Aussie, we see it on television all the time and it’s something I’ve always dreamt about (call me weird, I know).

Top 3 myth busters when it comes to models? To be completely transparent and honest, most models aren’t just solely models. Most of us have other things going on in the background such as I just signed a contract for a reality television show. I think society brands a lot of these types of industries such as modeling, adult content, etc, and people who don’t want to work hard or don’t have any “brains” which is very untrue. Almost every single person in these industries is very intelligent. For example one of my best friends shifted from her full-time career in Accounting with a huge career ahead of her to being a full-time international model, she studied for 7 years to do what she did and now she is doing amazing in this industry.

What is the best way to approach you as an admirer? Wow, I have admirers? I’m from a small town where everyone knows everyone so I’m very down to earth (would like to think so) and just approach me like you would your best friend in the playground at school. Introduce yourself and come with a big smile. It’ll make me happy if you’re happy.

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? Readers can follow only with me and my adventures on, I also have my Instagram which is my best point of reference @officialkaymanuell, I’m very active on Instagram. I definitely am a bit of an oversharer so you will see a lot of my life on there / me being very transparent with the world.

We are so happy to have gotten to know you a little bit! Any last words out there for our readers? Dreams do come true, they really do. It’s so tacky/cheesy to say but follow you’re heart, gut, and head. Whatever is leading you, just listen to it because at the end of the day, we are all on this earth, and its our choice whether we make a stamp on it or not. Also to end things off, I hope I made you smile while reading my interview, Just 1 smile on a face is all I could ask for.