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The Greg Scott story…

Greg Scott recently appeared and WON during the most recent Season 2 of NBC’s Songland where his song “Miracle” was chosen for pop recording artist Bebe Rexha and JUST ANNOUNCED is to be used as the theme song of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Games; alongside co-writer and producer Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. Additionally, Greg has had his own songs appear on TV programs such as the latest season of Netflix’s YOU. His latest solo song, “I Still Do” was just released and is climbing the music charts!

Greg’s love of performance came from his father—a performer in his own right. Born and raised in Chico, CA, as a child Scott, grew up in rehearsal spaces and production studios. Here, he would lean over the shoulders of producers, engineers, and songwriters to learn from them and perfect his craft. As a teen, he would go on to release his first album which he produced and recorded himself in the early 2000s.

Greg’s first big-break came ahead of his high school graduation where he was asked to perform with multi-platinum recording artists K-Ci & JoJo and a featured artist on The Platters Motown Review tour. Shortly after, he moved to SF where he became a respected staple of the Bay Area scene performing with the likes of Tower of Power, Lenny Williams, and Narda Michael Walden. Also, mentored by the great Roberta Flack. Flack compared him to the legendary Donny Hathaway and flew Greg out to sing for her music school for underprivileged youth based in NYC. 

Currently, Scott lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife Sarah, and two sons. He’s now creating music with producers like Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, Lucas Banker and Rob Kleiner. 

“Speak it and receive it as my wife and I say. With two toddlers boys now with time running faster each day. We started speaking our goals before bed this year and those things started happening! You have to know what you want and find those stones to walk on. TRUST, RECEIVE and Dream BIG!!!”– Greg Scott

How’s life changed since appearing on NBC’s Songland? Life has changed a lot but not at all – if that makes sense? I get recognized on the street, do more interviews, and get pulled in way more directions but crazy thing is, I’m still the same dude losing my mind over the same old things. The bills don’t stop and I still have to get up early and make sure my two boys don’t kill each other. 

You are married, but have you been getting hit up in the DMs since appearing? Haha! Yes, for sure. My wife is a great sport about it all. In my opinion, you’re not crushing it unless you get a few wild ones after you. I love my fans! I wouldn’t be able to what I do without them.

Any behind-the-scenes fun stories from Songland you can share? I was invited to Ryan Tedder’s (OneRepublic) Hollywood studio to work on the second version of my song ‘Miracle’. I thought I was just going to your typical everyday studio but the gates opened up and I was overtaken by the foyer looking straight out through the house to a dreamy zen-like Buda overlooking a serene crystal white pool. The water separated two of the four studios in the house. His assistant offered me an espresso and I took a moment by the Buda to try and comprehend what the “F” was happening. If that wasn’t enough, I go to use the bathroom and sitting on the toilet was a grammy Ryan won for Adel’s 21 album. Winning a grammy is my ultimate goal and has been a dream of mine my whole life. For that to be my line of sight while relieving myself was as surreal as you would think. After washing my hands, you know I had to pick that bad boy up. I looked in the mirror and had a Wayne’s World moment. “It will be mine. Oh yes. it will be mine.”

Diving into your music: What are most of your new songs about? Real-life and real struggle. I’ve lived enough now that I can dig from a ton of deep experiences that I hadn’t in the past. I’ve always been an emotional dude looking back, but the substance just wasn’t there yet to pull from. My current music is a soulful take on contemporary POP. I try and make you feel good and get you thinking at the same time. With all that the world is going through, especially in our country, my message is about hope, consciousness and strength.

How important is social media these days in the music industry? Social media is more important now than ever. I don’t know how I’d connect with fans if we didn’t have this access. I was performing 4 to 5 nights a week before the pandemic started in March and I miss it so bad – bad enough that it’s causing major stress and anxiety that I had no idea was building up until recently. Social media, at least, allows me to still have a voice. 

Your song from Songland is going to be the theme of the 2021 Olympics… how did this come about? I had no idea going into the filming of Songland that if my song was chosen it would be the theme song the summer Olympics. I had been writing for sync, television and film in Los Angeles and was loving it. I was taking life experiences and relating them to different storylines in television and commercials. In that world I met a guy named Mark Rudin. The first time we met, in a blind session, we got into a studio and wrote and recorded ‘Miracle’ in about three hours. I quit teaching music and said ‘I’m going to make a living off solely performing and writing music.’ Rudin related to that and that’s basically what ‘Miracle’ is. It’s a story about believing in yourself, in believing that if you work hard and set your mind to something, then it’s going to happen. Songland LOVED it right away, as well as NBC Sports and the Olympic committee. After Bebe Rexha heard it, it was a done deal… It really doesn’t get any bigger than that! Life-changing.

Again, even though you are taken, what tips can you give to those wanting to date a music man? Run for the hills!!! I can hear my wife in my head. Haha. Nah, but I will say it takes a lot of comforting, patience and understanding. My wife has had to be my shoulder to cry on, my cheerleader, my manager, my therapist just to name a few. Being a creative in this business is NOT easy. Out of a hundred no’s you’ll get one yes but it’s that one yes that can change your life forever. Hell yes, it’s a lot of pressure but my wife goes through all the ups and downs with me. I wouldn’t be where I am now without her support. 

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Would you ever do another TV show of sorts? Any that come to mind? I would totally do another TV show. I wanna do some kinda celebrity fitness challenge like a rad obstacle course. Maybe a Ninja Warrior but a celebrity version? I’d love to jump around act a fool and show that side of myself. 

Any big plans for the rest of 2020? I’ve always got big plans and aspirations! I recently did my first “Live Stream” show. We had one this past October 16th. I’ll was sippin’ and paired up with my favorite whiskey! Each ticket holder was sent a bottle to drink with me and I did a Q&A in between songs. It’s was so dope. Follow me on Instagram (@gregscottmusic) for future live show updates!

What is the one item you could never leave home without? I don’t leave the house without a hat. I’m a hat-always kinda guy. I’m big into Goorin Bros. (still waiting on my endorsement y’all) and any trucker hat – given the circumstance. I work my fits from the top down. A hat determines what J’s I got on. Fresh hat + clean shoes… that’s me.