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Corrie Yee Living Unapologetically

with FHM France November 2023 cover star Corrie Yee /@corrieyee

Photographer @arthurstjohn

Lingerie @honeybirdette  

Location @zenhive 

Video @4reelsvision

Can you tell us a bit about your journey into the world of fashion and lifestyle influencing? Social media has been key to my career taking off. As my followers increased, more and more opportunities began to open up for me. I got offers, and continue to get offers, from a variety of brands and also destination photo shoots. 

What inspired you to start sharing your lifestyle on social media, particularly Instagram? I saw beautiful women on Instagram who were traveling the world, and I wanted that lifestyle too, so I started doing photoshoots and I immediately loved it. I love being in front of the camera. I love my work. 

How would you describe your personal style, and how has it evolved over the years? I would describe my personal style as a classy ho. I like tight dresses, and tiny skirts, but I also like a classy look. I think my evolution has slowly – very slowly – become a bit more conservative. Maybe. 

Can you share some of your favorite fashion brands or designers? My favorite brands are Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton. I have expensive taste. 

What are your go-to fashion and beauty essentials for a day of shooting or travel? I bring it all – I’m full-on glam. I don’t pack light. I come prepared with lots of makeup, lots of shoes, lots of outfits. 

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance while managing your social media presence? Having balance in life is important to me, so I’m intentional about my schedule. I make sure that I schedule time for the gym, time with my family, and time with friends. I simply put it in my schedule and make it happen. And wherever I am, I strive to be fully present. 

What’s your favorite travel destination, and why? I have two so far – France is definitely one. I love the vibe in Paris, and the French people’s appreciation for art, beauty, fashion, and history. I also like the Phi Phi islands in Thailand – it was just so incredibly beautiful there. 

 Could you share some of your top travel tips for your followers? Traveling alone is the best! When you travel alone, you get to know yourself more and enjoy your own company. I also like to ask the locals about the best places to eat or hike. I try to stay away from the tourists’ traps. 

How do you stay motivated and creative when creating content? I really enjoy the fashion industry. I like the work and when you love what you do, finding motivation isn’t difficult. My motivation comes from the endless possibilities in fashion and the desire to go as far as I can in this industry. 

Can you tell us about a memorable or challenging experience from your career as an influencer? The challenge in this industry is the sheer competition. There are many, many girls out there, so creating ongoing interesting content presents a challenge because of the competition. 

What advice do you have for someone looking to build their own brand as an influencer or content creator? My advice would be to plan on staying fit and maintaining a routine of healthy eating and working out. Develop a portfolio and practice different poses. Understand that being an influencer is hard work, and you will need to post every day. Apply to different modeling agencies and please, please remember that not everyone is who they say they are. Be careful of scammers and always take someone with you.

How do you engage with and connect with your followers on a personal level? I engage with my fans on OnlyFans by chatting with them, sending them custom videos, and sending them information or photos about my day-to-day life. 

What are your favorite ways to unwind and relax when you’re not working or traveling? I like to get in soft, cozy baggy pants, put my hair up, and curl up on the sofa at home with a good meal and an interesting show to watch. 

 Are there any particular hobbies or interests outside of your influencer work that you’re passionate about? I’m passionate about being physically fit and having a positive mindset. I think being healthy adds to the overall quality of life. I also think it’s important to help others and cheer people on when they experience success. Lastly, for me personally, I’m passionate about traveling. I love seeing different parts of the world, learning the history, and experiencing new cultures. 

How do you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle? Do you have a fitness routine? Yes, I definitely have a fitness routine and a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy cooking and eating healthy, so I do a lot of food prep, and I make sure I am in the gym or taking a yoga class at least 5 days a week. 

Can you share your daily or weekly self-care rituals? I like to wake up and go to the gym. I like a healthy lunch, doing my photo shoots, taking a long hot shower, washing my face three times, completing my skincare routine, and then cooking dinner and relaxing

What’s one thing that you’ve learned from your journey as an influencer that you wish you knew when you started? I wish I had researched people better before agreeing to work with them. 

How do you deal with challenges or negativity on social media or in your career? Challenges are a part of everyone’s journey, so I don’t expect life not to have some difficulties. I face challenges, make a plan, and move on. As far as negativity is concerned- I ignore it. I like positive thinking and positive people. I cut negative energy out of my life. There’s no reason not to surround yourself with positivity.  

What are your future goals and aspirations for your influencer career and lifestyle? I’m excited to launch my bikini line, and I want to invest in real estate. 

Lastly, if you had to give your followers one piece of advice for leading a stylish and fulfilling life, what would it be? Go for your dreams, be you, and live life unapologetically