It's a Guy Thing

Beautiful & Fearless

with Elektra Sky

Photography by Byron Bastian – @byronbastianphotos

MUA Jessica Tullas – @glambarbyjess

Were you excited to shoot for FHM? Incredibly excited!! I’ve shot for FHM Australia but to have the opportunity to shoot for my country, FHM USA, is a dream come true! This is by far my favorite publication I’ve done so far!

Could you tell us something surprising about you? My house is filled with circus apparatuses that I use as gym equipment. When I’m finished working out, I go into my sauna, so I can sweat, twerk and stretch. On occasion, I perform with fire while doing burlesque, dancing at different events and shows around the country.

Describe yourself in one sentence… A creative muse who lives life fearlessly and playfully on the edge. Compassionate, resilient and open-minded, with heart of gold.

What are some of your hobbies? Pole fitness, aerial silks, yoga and ballroom dancing.

What is your biggest turn-on? The mind. Someone who’s a deep thinker and a creative visionary. Someone who’s empowered, confident, and can keep me smiling with a great sense of humor. Bonus points if he can dance!

What turns you off the most? Bad hygiene, disliking dogs, and negativity.

Describe to us your perfect date… A full-moon hike to a waterfall, coupled with a candlelit dinner by the sea. Feeding each other chocolate-covered-strawberries, sipping on champagne, and smoking the finest weed on the planet. Ending the evening skinny dipping in the ocean at 3am, on a deserted beach. A night full of passion, surprises, and magic. ROMANCE ME BABY!!!

Do you have anyone special in your life? Tell us a bit more. I never kiss and tell haha!

What are you most looking forward to doing this year? Straight chilling and enjoying my new house by the beach in South Carolina. I’ve been going 90 to nothing, 24/7 and I’m looking forward to some much-needed Zen time with my animals, nature, and a good man… There are horse stables in my community, so I couldn’t be more excited about picking up riding again! Life is good.

Lastly, what is your life motto or a quote that means a lot to you? You can have all the fame and fortune in the world but, without your health you have nothing. Do not regret growing older, age is a privilege denied to many – embrace it. Tomorrow is never promised to anyone so forgive, forget, live, and let live. Live life to the fullest, live in love, and never settle!

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