It's a Guy Thing

Who’s Eating Your Food?

We’ve all done it. Ordered in . It’s convenient, time-saving and awesome for those lazy nights or weekend lay-ins but what if you found out that those delivery guys might actually be taking a bite out of your order? It’s a question that most have secretly thought to themselves, especially when the fries are few and the soda is low.

US Foods decided to find out doing a recent survey amongst food delivery app drivers and the results were astonishing. They surveyed 497 drivers from apps such as UberEats, Grubhub, DoorDash and Postmates and of all the respondents, 28 percent (one in four delivery guys) admitted to indulging in the customer’s food. More interestingly is that almost another 26 percent of delivery guys seriously considered having a taste, mainly due to the food smelling so good.

Some ideas to tackle this issue included better communication and commitment as well as more tangible measures like tamper-proof containers and labels.