It's a Guy Thing

Top Model Valeria Veroni

Meet this month’s cover star Valeria Veroni / @val_veroni 

Photography Artur Verkhovetskyi / @verkhovetskyi

Styling Mariia Safarian / @mariultramarine

Make & Hair Elizabeth Vailo / @vailo_mua

Assistant: Atami / @atamimusic

Retouching Margarita Zolotar

PR Mariia Borovenska / @mariborovenskaya

How did your modeling industry start? As a matter of fact, I have dreamed of becoming a model for as long as I can remember, since my childhood. And it all started, as for many girls, at the age of 15 with a victory in a regional beauty contest. Then there was an All-Ukrainian level, and later victories in Miss Fashion Universe and Miss Multiverse in the Dominican Republic.

Would you tell us about your first modeling gig? I consider my work in Milan as my first real modeling gig. That’s when I found myself alone, away from home, and got to experience how to survive and defend my interests. I saw the actual modeling business from the inside. I still believe that this very city made me a true model and gave me a chance, I succeeded in taking advantage of. 

What is the most exciting project you’ve worked with so far?   At the moment, due to my contract, I am forced to keep it a secret. I can lift the curtain of secrecy a little and filming for this project took place quite recently in Barcelona, ​​and lasted 3 days, from 8 am until the evening… But it was truly exciting! You’ll find out for yourself very soon.

What is your secret to staying in great shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?  My secret to getting fit and having a healthy lifestyle is sports 3-4 times a week, intuitive eating, and various care products for the face, body, and hair. I don’t wear make-up, drink a lot of water and never tan.

What advice do you have for aspiring models who are on the verge of breaking into the industry? Having confidence and knowing where you are going is my only advice. It’s no secret that the modeling business is full of temptations, so be sure not to waste your time with parties, alcohol, and drugs. Remember, this has nothing to do with serious modeling.

Are there any models or fashion icons who are your inspiration? Naomi Campbell is my all-time favorite model. I have a great fondness for her strong character, her charisma, and her perfect appearance. I also want to be in demand in my profession for many years to come. I am working hard at it every day.

How do you keep up with the latest fashion trends and industry developments? I do not chase fashion trends in my everyday life. I have my personal style, more classic, and I really know what works for me. As for my professional life, my agents and stylists take care of that, and I always get the trendiest things!

Do you have a dream project or a dream campaign that you’d like to be a part of one day? Absolutely! My ambition for next year is to become the face of a cosmetics brand. I know my strengths and I think my personality would be perfect. Even as a child I admired the models in L’Oréal, Givenchy, and Chanel adverts and my aspiration is to become one of them pretty soon!

How do you manage to balance your career with your personal life and relationships?  For myself, I immediately decided that success in my career, fulfillment, and love are all of the same importance. If I choose one, I do not feel in harmony. And I am lucky, my boyfriend supports me in everything and treats my schedule with understanding.