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Too Hot to Handle

We got to chill with Bryce Hirschberg, the American film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor. In 2017, his first feature-length film, Counterfeiters, won multiple international awards including Best Feature Narrative at the Wolves Independent International Film Awards in Lithuania. Today, we’re talking about Bryce being the star of the brand new Netflix reality series, Too Hot To Handle, where sexy singles are stuck at a resort, but can’t touch each other or they don’t win any money… like everyone in lockdown! Bryce talks to FHM about the show, dating now, and how a girl can get him to touch them!

How’s life changed since appearing on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle? Well as you know, the show aired during the heart of quarantine so the lifestyle didn’t change too much during the first couple of months, minus the massive increase in social media followers. But prior to this resurgence of COVID, the last couple of months have been amazing! I’ve been meeting so many cool, talented, creative people, and being recognized basically everywhere I go! It’s a very cool and surreal feeling.

What was your dating life like before the show and what’s it like now? Dating life hasn’t changed too much to be honest. Again everything is on lockdown so I can’t go on too many “dates” but I’m meeting very nice, beautiful women. I would like to think they would like me even if I weren’t on the show, haha.

What secrets from your time filming can you reveal to us? Well, A LOT of the show was cut out. All of the boys on the show became very close, which wasn’t shown, all life long friends. I don’t know how much more I can reveal. I can say we lost more money than was shown… but we also gained lots of it back through various other workshops and challenges. 

What attracts you to a girl these days? I love it when a girl is passionate about something. It could be music, movies, her career, food, sports, etc. I’m a very passionate person about many things so I think I need someone who understands and can relate to that. I also just find it super attractive.

Your social media has exploded! What tips can you give ladies who want to slide into your DMs? Ooooh. That’s a good question. Honestly, the best advice is to have an interesting or cool looking profile photo, haha. I do get lots of requests so sometimes I’ll just scroll through them until I see a profile photo that catches my eye.

What type of DMs do you get now? A lot of love! The outpouring of love is amazing. I’ve also been proposed to many times, and have lots of different hosts that want to give me a tour of their country.

What would the perfect first date be for you? A perfect first date would be dinner at sunset by the beach or marina. Followed by a night dinghy ride with a bottle of wine. Good drinks and good conversation. 

Would you ever do another TV show of sorts and if so does any come to mind? If the right opportunity presented itself I would totally do another show. I have my eyes on Dancing With the Stars. I think I’d crush it. haha

Any big plans for the rest of 2020? Well, depending on what we’re allowed to do, I’d love to direct another movie, my last feature film “Counterfeiters” is available on YouTube for free right now! But assuming we’re shut down a bit longer, I’ll be working on releasing some new original music. 

What is one item you never leave your boat without? My face mask… 😉 

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