It's a Guy Thing

The Wanderlust Mermaid

Pressly Ann was born and raised in Florida. This blonde-haired, ocean-eyed babe is both gorgeous and fierce.


Chest 32DD

Waist 23”

Hips 33”

Height 5’2”

About me

I am actually very petite. People usually assume from my photos that I am tall with long legs. If you saw me in real life, you’d be shocked. I stand a mere 5 foot 2 inches! And I’m not just a pretty face. I’m educated and a hard worker. 


I’m not always a model. I have other roles. I’ve worked in healthcare for a long time. In a dream world, I’d mostly be a mom and an awesome wife while having a part-time career making people feel beautiful. 

Celeb crush

Leonardo DiCaprio, especially when he plays Gatsby. Hi Leo! I hope you’re reading this. 

The typical day

I am a morning person, so I wake up early. I get my daughter off to school and then hit the gym. The rest of the day is usually spent working, running errands, or taking care of the house. I’m actually pretty ordinary. 

Fun times

I absolutely love being on the beach in the sunshine! I enjoy jet skiing, boating, paddleboarding, and working on my tan.

Me in three words 

Easy going, wanderluster, mermaid.

Shooting for FHM USA

I was so excited to shoot for FHM USA! I’ve been in many other major magazines around the world, even FHM Australia. Being given the opportunity to be featured in FHM USA (my home country) has to be one of my biggest accomplishments. 

Special people

I have a lot of special people in my life. They know who they are. 

The future

I plan to continue modeling while I still can, you aren’t young forever! When I just can’t anymore, you will most definitely find me at the beach. 

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Photography by Vincent Pierce – @vincentpierce

Location: Steve Howe