It's a Guy Thing

The Ultimate Flame

with Just Britt

Photography by Argentina Leyva / @artofseductionboudoir

MUA: Selma / @selmasosa_

PR by LSA Publications / @leo.alderman / @lsapublications 

Happy to have you featured on FHM! Brit Please tell us what are some of the things you did to prepare for this shoot? Thank you so much for having me! Gosh, I always workout hard and just work my butt off! I also traveled to Texas for this amazing shoot!

You’ve got an amazing figure and beauty about you, we’re keen to know what you would say is your favorite physical feature about yourself and why? Why thank you! I would say my hip line is my favorite! I just love the look of a slim waist! And well my booty!!! It’s my ASS-et.

Being a glamorous model must have its perks, what are some of your most memorable experiences in your career? My most memorable is my adventures traveling! Seeing all the beautiful places my country and others have is breathtaking! And taking joy in eating at some of the nicest food places.

What would you say sets you apart? Oh, that’s super easy, definitely my work drive! I work non-stop! I have four jobs – including working on set of TV series Chicago PD and as an active firefighter/emt! 

On the topic of men, what was the complete best, and worst first impressions you’ve got on a first date? Gosh, it always weirds me out when guys come off as too cocky on a first date or are rude! And I’m very independent so if you are too pushy it’s a total ruined moment! The best first dates always included a nice dinner and just learning about one another! 

What would you say is the most surprising thing about you that not many people know? That I’m a jack of all trades. I do house and car repair myself and am not scared of getting dirty.

If you had to choose, would you say money and wealth determines success, or is it one’s personal achievements and happiness? Definitely personal achievements and happiness! Money is great but only takes you so far. Venturing out into the world and having the experience is what makes life special. Money is replaceable but achievements and adventure are not. 

On a more personal level and in an ideal world, where do you see yourself in five or ten years; time in terms of family life, career, or both? Ideally, I’d love to have hit all of Europe on a travel tour. After that, I’d love to be a full-time firefighter with a loving family.

2020 was a challenging year for us all, what advice would you give to other models or aspiring models out there in light of all the challenges faced? Every day is a challenge. What sets you apart is your will to push through it and succeed. You really can accomplish any and everything you want no matter what! Just take the challenges as they come and jump over them to get where you want to be! 

Any final words to our readers on what to expect from you this year?  Sincerely thank you all for having me! This is a true honor and I love and appreciate you all ever so much.

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