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For the last decade, if not longer, it seems that beards have become a real fashion statement – so much so that some women feel a man with a mane is their preferred dating requirement. As cool as it looks, growing a proper, thick, well-groomed centerpiece isn’t easy as it seems but luckily we’ve put together all the information you’d need to get that lumberjack look – and sooner than you think. The only real challenge to growing those well-deserved facial follicles will be time and we can’t help with that. For everything else you need, well, there’s FHM and we’ve got your back! 


The first step on your long road to beard-growing success is selecting the right beard for you. What do we mean by ‘right’ beard? Well, much like you’d pick a hairstyle, you’ll need to opt for the right beard to suit you! For this, you’d first need to consider your current look and more importantly, the shape of your face. We’ve gone through the trouble of sourcing some of the most common facial shapes and the style of beards that’d be most appropriate for each. So, take a look and see what beard would suit you best.  


Your face shape is longer than wide. The oblong-shaped face usually doesn’t full cheeks with a forehead and jawbone that is usually the same width. 

Your choice of beard styles include:

Because of the length of your face, you want to add some side volume that will make your face appear fuller. Depending on what your facial follicles allow, grow your beard higher on your cheeks, a mustache style will also break your face vertically. A pointy, long-styled beard is not going to suit you very well so opt more for the Van Dyke and Balbo-type beards. 


You are genetically blessed and can pretty much get away with any style. You have both square and round features that are well balanced allowing you a wide selection of beard styles to choose from. 

Your choice of beard styles include:

Well, virtually, anything. Really. The oval face is the alpha in terms of shape and flexibility so the choice is yours. The only thing you’ll really have to focus on is keeping your beard well-groomed and tidy – you lucky duck.


Round shape faces are defines by a wide jawline and cheekbones with a short chin.

Your choice of beard styles include:

You would benefit most from a triangular-shaped style of beard that compliments your face by focusing the volume of the hair on your chin with some short stubble on the cheeks. Too much emphasis on the sides would actually take attention away from the center making your face appear fuller, and rounder, and we don’t want that. Opt for the Stiletto Beard or the Van Dyke.


You’re chiseled, well, where it matters in this case. You sport a strong square jaw that gives you quite a lot to work with.

Your choice of beard styles include:

With a strong and appealing jawline, you don’t really want to overdo (or hide) it. The chin area should be rounded or triangular instead of a sharp line and angles. Opt for the Chin Strap, a Soul Strap Beard, or even a sculpted goatee which is also a good option.


The diamond face shape is widest at the cheekbones with a narrow forehead and a jawline that are both approximately symmetrical in width. 

Your choice of beard styles include:

The hair on the chin should counterbalance your cheekbones. The focus should be on your chin but be careful not to trim your bear too pointy but wider on the cheeks and the edge of your jawbone. Keep your mustache lighter. You’re not lost for choice and are able to play around with a few looks. Opt for a fuller beard option like the Bilbo. The Chin Strap beard will also work well, you can also try a well-trimmed goatee. 


A heart-shaped face features a forehead that is larger than the cheekbones and jawline, along with a pointed chin.

Your choice of beard styles include:

This is the most difficult face shape to work with when it comes to beard grooming with the chin being the narrowest part of the face. A full beard can actually make your face look even smaller. But fear not, designer stubble on the sides will work perfectly for you without overpowering your natural bone structure. Leave more length on the chin and consider growing a mustache to add depth and volume to your jawline. Opt for the Mutton Chop and Chin Curtain. A longer goatee will also work well and of course, designer stubble. 


This shape features a prominent chin, and your jawline measures greater than your cheekbones.

Your choice of beard styles include:

You’ll really want to take the focus away from your chin. Avoid too much fullness on the cheeks as this will only make your jawline appear even wider. Hair should be kept short on the chin. Opt for closely cropped styles like the Beardstache which is a great option for you.


Now that you might have an idea of what style of beard you’re into, all we have to do is get you ready to take care of business. For that, you’ll need a set of grooming scissors, a hair comb or brush and maybe even an electric trimmer – depending on your desired style of mane. Once you’ve got the gear, you’re going to need some upkeep. Washing your beard will be the easy part, simply use your regular shampoo. As for oils and conditioners, well we’re going to tell you everything you need to know to keep your beard looking 100% awesome, ALWAYS!


Many principles of typical hair conditioning still apply here, so for instance, if you really wanted to, you could use your regular conditioner because after all, hair is hair right? The idea of buying a conditioner specifically for your beard means giving your beard the proper attention it needs. Just remember, conditioners and oils are not the same thing, but we’ll get into oils later, for now, here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a beard conditioner.

The thickness of your beard

Simply put, the thicker the hair, the stronger the conditioner you’ll need. Conditioners are not just there to help maintain and improve the quality of your hair, they serve a dual purpose of also softening and adding texture. Avoid two-in-one shampoo ‘with’ conditioner products and rather go for the leave-in conditioner that rinses off. 

Your desired scent

Most, if not all grooming products have some kind of infused scent. You can opt to choose a conditioner that will leave you with a scent that will compliment your own, be it citrus, woody or musk. Also, there are loads of unscented conditioners as well. The best time to focus on the fragrance of your conditioner is if you plan to use a non-scented oil (or no oil at all) – or you could do one better and choose an oil that further adds to the aroma of your conditioner. Here, it’s all about your personal preference more than anything else. 

Your skin type

It’s very important to consider the current condition of your skin and if you’re prone to irritation – particularly from grooming products. If you have sensitive skin then go for something a lot softer, maybe even a general all-purpose conditioner. The best type of conditioner to choose is organic, or at least one with as few chemicals as possible. If you’re prone to itching, or dry skin then find a conditioner that has an added moisturizer and consider trying different conditioners until you find the one that is right for your type of skin. 

Your age

As you get older things start to change – obviously. So while when you’re in your 20a it’s easy to add a handful of soap, wash, rinse and be on your way, but as you get older you’ll need to carefully take care of your beard to keep it in tip-top shape. The best type of conditioner to choose for the long-haul is one that’s (as) organic (as possible), is a leave-in, will moisturize your skin and add sheen and volume to your beard. 

Ingredients to look for

Keep a keep out the good ingredients like jojoba and argan oil which will help soften your beard while also giving it a bit of shine. As you learn more about what best suits you, we’re sure you’ll find your one favorite conditioner in no time!


The last step in any beard grooming routine is the application of beard oil. Aside from providing moisture and beating back dryness, beard oils are beneficial to your beard in many ways. Oils will help make your beard more manageable as well as nourish and repair dry and brittle hair. Beard oils are also great for your facial skin underneath your beard so it’s vital that you keep up with your daily routine to ensure you get the maximum benefits! Here are some things to consider when purchasing beard oil. 

The ingredients

This will likely be the most time-consuming part of the process. You’ll need to research a few oils and compare them making sure you strike a balance between price and the best possible ingredients on offer. We recommend natural ingredients over chemicals any day! Once you have an idea of what’s on the market you can then consider other important factors like the type of oil, your skin and hair type, the price, ease of application and size of the product. Don’t worry though, we’ll cover the basics of what you’ll need to know to get the oil best suited to you so keep reading.

Type of oil

Beard oils are basically one of two types; carrier oils or essential oils. Carrier oils are oils that you can apply directly to the skin and are best suited for massages or pain relief. These oils are primarily made from the fatty portion of a nut, kernel, or another type of plant. Carrier oils make up the bulk of beard oil recipes and include oils such as jojoba, argan, sweet almond, and coconut. Essential oils are more concentrated than carrier oils and in most instances, essential oils are diluted down with, yup, you guessed it, carrier oils. This is because essential oils in their raw form are typically too strong to apply directly to the skin. Some common essential oils include lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree.

Your skin and hair type

Since beard oils are applied directly to your face it’s important to consider your skin and hair and how they’d be impacted. Certain oils work better for certain types of beards and skin while some oils work well only on one or the other. Again, it’s all dependent on you just be sure to avoid any chemicals or allergens at all times while you investigate which oil is best for you! Generally, you should already have an idea of what your hair and skin is like. Is it dry, or oily, or maybe a little bit of both? This matters when choosing an oil. The same oil that works best for dry skin and a dry beard probably won’t work for an oily, greasy beard. A key ingredient to look out for is argan oil which is excellent for a dry beard and skin because it helps add moisture. If you have sensitive skin, including skin that’s prone to acne, look for a beard oil that contains jojoba or grapeseed oil or both. Beard oils with all-natural ingredients should provide you with everything you’ll need to maintain a healthy, thicker beard, while oils that contain additives such as alcohol are often detrimental to your skin and beard so try to avoid those as best you can.

Is it easy to apply?

Beard oils that are easy to apply are the ones that you’ll tend to use more consistently – and consistency is good because a great beard takes a lot of time and effort to achieve. You should try and find a beard oil that has a rich texture but isn’t too heavy, making it easier to apply and distribute evenly over your beard. An important feature to look for is the packaging of the oil itself. Instead of a twist-cap, it’s better to go for an oil with a dropper since you’ll be able to apply the exact amount you need help you avoid wastage and excessively oily hands. 

What’s the price?

Price is always a factor and any man who is into grooming knows exactly how expensive it can be. The idea here is not to compromise on the quality of the product but to find value for money. Just because something is expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effective, or even right for your skin and hair type. Focus on finding a quality oil that won’t break the bank. If you did your research on the ingredients then it won’t be too hard to compare prices. Meaning you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and for how much. 

Size matters

Yeah, we know how that sounds, but it’s actually a thing. Beard oils shouldn’t come in tubs or huge 24-ounce squeeze-bottles. You’ll need a product that fits nicely on the shelf of your medicine cabinet and ideally something you can pack in a travel bag in case you need to go out of state. If you travel a lot then also be sure that your oil closes tightly. If you’re buying a product for the first time then consider getting a smaller size to try the product first. 

Stock UP 

The Vanity!

You officially know everything you need to know to start your journey toward that manly bearded look but before we send you on your merry way, here are some products we recommend you try!

Grave Before Shave Beard Oil (Bay Rum Scent)

Key Features

It has a lovely Bay Rum scent

It softens and conditions your beard

It’s great value for money

Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Oil contains all-natural ingredients that help condition, moisturize and strengthen those precious beard hairs promoting healthy growth! It’s also designed to help condition the skin under your beard to assist with dandruff and flaking and keeping your beard comfortable and looking great – the way it should be. We like GBS beard oil because of its amazing Bay Rum scent with soothing coconut after notes. Whether you’re sailing the seas or hunting for booty, this manly scent will bring out the pirate in anyone!

Jack Black Beard Oil

Key Features

It treats dry skin and facial hair

It’s developed from Jack Black’s PureScience natural formulas

It’s great for reducing and eliminating beard itch

Jack Black Beard Oil contains essential oils and botanicals that work in conjunction to reduce itchy, dry facial skin and improve the look and feel of a beard. Key ingredients include Kalahari melon oil and marula oil which are rich in fast-absorbing hydrating oils and fatty acids that soften facial hair and smooth the skin underneath. Other ingredients include brown algae, vitamin E, and carrot extract which are powerful antioxidants that protect against the damaging effects of free radicals. Plum oil is also added to their unique blend to help soften brittle and dry facial hair giving you added control and a healthy shine.

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

Key Features

It’s all-natural and hand-crafted

It has a very distinctive scent

It’s perfect for taming unruly beard hair

Now there are hundreds of oils, balms, waxes, and other products available for your beard but HA is one of the best out there. Honest Amish’s Classic Blend Oil has over 7 expertly selected premium oils as well as 7 essential oils that target hair growth, conditioning, beard and skin health, and are full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to help nourish your beard and relieve any irritation of new growth. We’d recommend HA for the long-haul and it’s currently one of our favorite beard oils!

Clubman 2-In-1 Conditioner

Key Features

It conditions and soothes

It helps control unruly beard hair

It’s great for the skin leaving it refreshed

Here’s a conditioner that’s perfect for men with long, unruly beards. You can moisturize and condition your facial hair while preventing beard itch and dandruff. Clubman will leave your beard feeling softer, sleek, smooth and full of volume. It also repairs facial hair at the follicle and stimulates growth at the source, and leaves a light fragrance – so your beard can look and smell effortlessly awesome!

Beardoholic Premium Quality Beard Oil & Leave-In Conditioner

Key Features

It’s made with all-natural ingredients

It contains a well above average number of beneficial ingredients

It’s great for fighting beard itch

It’s made with finest 100% pure natural ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, castor oil, wheat germ oil, grape seed oil, pine fragrance oil and essential oils that will help you maintain your perfect manly beard. Choose quality over quantity. Beardholic contains no additives or GMOs and is paraben-free. Some of the benefits of pure natural ingredients include conditioning, moisturizing, and strengthening of facial hairs promoting healthy growth. The texture of your enhanced beard will feel incredible. It keeps your beard conditioned, clean, soft and shiny plus it will also get rid of dandruff and itch! It’s safe and gentle for all hair and skin types and if you’ve got the extra cash this is a really great beard oil to get!

Honest Amish Leave-In Conditioner

Key Features

It’s handmade 

It consists of all-natural ingredients

It leaves a clean, fresh scent

Honest Amish Beard Balm is created from the finest organic ingredients available and incorporates a proprietary blend of hair strengthening botanicals infused in a base of virgin argan, avocado, almond, virgin pumpkin seed, and apricot kernal oils. It is then masterfully crafted with fruit and nut butters (Shea, Aloe, Cocoa, Kokum… to name a few), and hair enhancing essential oils. It will help soften, condition, and repair dry splitting hairs, as well as nourish new growth. This balm also great for your skin and will help stop the itching caused by new growth and wild rogue hairs.